Dungeoneering keys are items which can be used to unlock certain doors in Daemonheim while training the skill Dungeoneering. The types of keys available are differentiated between by the shape and colour. The dungeon boss can be behind a key-locked door. Often the keys unlock doors on a side of the dungeon opposite that of which it is picked up. Keys are very often picked up to unlock doors to rooms for the room bonus at the completion of a dungeon. It is a good idea to pick up all keys to achieve maximum Dungeoneering experience.

There are 63 keys in total. The gold shield key was removed from the game shortly after the release of the skill.

Since the Keybag update the keys themselves are unobtainable in their item form, as they go straight into the bag upon being picked up. Thus, if a key is picked up, it's immediately available for all party members to use.

Whenever a key is found, a brown message appears in the party's chatboxes, saying "Your party found a key: <Colour> [shape] key."

Key varieties

Corner Crescent Diamond Pentagon Triangle Rectangle Shield Wedge
Blue Blue corner key Blue crescent key Blue diamond key Blue pentagon key Blue triangle key Blue rectangle key Blue shield key Blue wedge key
Crimson Crimson corner key Crimson crescent key Crimson diamond key Crimson pentagon key Crimson triangle key Crimson rectangle key Crimson shield key Crimson wedge key
Gold Gold corner key Gold crescent key Gold diamond key Gold pentagon key Gold triangle key Gold rectangle key Gold shield key[1] Gold wedge key
Green Green corner key Green crescent key Green diamond key Green pentagon key Green triangle key Green rectangle key Green shield key Green wedge key
Orange Orange corner key Orange crescent key Orange diamond key Orange pentagon key Orange triangle key Orange rectangle key Orange shield key Orange wedge key
Purple Purple corner key Purple crescent key Purple diamond key Purple pentagon key Purple triangle key Purple rectangle key Purple shield key Purple wedge key
Silver Silver corner key Silver crescent key Silver diamond key Silver pentagon key Silver triangle key Silver rectangle key Silver shield key Silver wedge key
Yellow Yellow corner key Yellow crescent key Yellow diamond key Yellow pentagon key Yellow triangle key Yellow rectangle key Yellow shield key Yellow wedge key
  1. ^ Does not exist any more.

Key abbreviations

Within the dungeon's the names of the different keys are often abbreviated. To form a key abbreviation state the colour first then the shape; e.g. crimson corner would be cco or crco.

Key Colour Abbreviation
Crimson cr, c
Gold go
Yellow y
Purple p, pu
Silver s, si
Green gr
Orange o, or
Blue b, bl
Key Type Abbreviation
Shield sh, s
Corner co, corn
Crescent cr
Wedge w, we
Diamond d
Triangle t/tr
Pentagon p
Rectangle r, re

Avoid saying "g" for colour or "c" for shape as they can be confused between the gold/green colours and corner/crescent shapes respectively.


  • The gold rectangle key originally looked completely different from the other rectangle keys. This is no longer the case.
  • At one point, the corner keys had a bug where some of them appeared to have grey filling around the edge of their shapes. This has not been fixed.
  • Dungeoneering keys in Fremennik Sagas remain as items in inventory.
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