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Duradel chathead

Duradel is the third highest level Slayer Master and the father of Kuradal. Players must have at least level 50 in the Slayer skill, 100 combat and have completed the Shilo Village quest before they may access him and receive Slayer assignments from him. Duradel is found on the 1st2nd floor[UK] north of Fernahei's Fishing Hut in Shilo Village. Alternatively, if Lunar Diplomacy is completed, the spell NPC Contact can be used to speak and get assignments from him. He is wearing a cape of legends.


Early life

Duradel excelled in Slayer and combat, and aspired to become the greatest Slayer master. He took a potentially questionable path, the details which he does not reveal to prevent others to be tempted, to reach his goal. Duradel eventually successfully became the most powerful Slayer master, and remained so for a time.

Duradel trained Vannaka, his talented student, who would eventually rise to the rank of Slayer master in his own right. At some point, Vannaka challenged Duradel to be the strongest Slayer master, only to be defeated by him with a rare and powerful weapon. Vannaka accepted defeat, and Duradel remained the most powerful Slayer master then.

Duradel married and had a daughter, Kuradal. Kuradal was very close to her father, and from a young age, was trained by him in combat and Slayer skills. Kuradal became very proficient in Slayer and combat, and also quite competitive, aspiring to be the best. Eventually Kuradal surpassed her father, and now gives Slayer tasks greater than those which her father would assign. Kuradal was later surpassed by her own student, Morvran, an elf of the Iorwerth Clan, who became a Slayer master himself, offering even greater Slayer challenges than Kuradal's, following the restoration of Prifddinas.

At some point, Duradel separated from his wife. Kuradal had been making preparations for bringing her mother and father back together, prior to Duradel's death.

Fighting against Lucien

The following takes place during While Guthix Sleeps.

Duradel was one of eight warriors recruited by an adventurer to hunt Lucien. After his recruitment, Lapalok replaces him in Shilo Village as the third highest-level Slayer master. His replacement was intended to be temporary at first, as Duradel would be unable to perform his usual Slayer master duties while at war. Lapalok, as the Disciple of the Devourer, seemed quite eager to send Duradel and the adventurer away to war, where he expected both would meet destruction.

Upon questioning him in the White Knights' Castle as he prepares for his fight, he reveals he was being kept in Shilo Village by an unknown higher authority, and required special permission from them–he seemed to communicate telepathically with them–to leave for his part in the battle against Lucien. He reveals that, apparently, he took several shortcuts and 'trod on very important toes', as he puts it, to become the greatest Slayer master–which he was at the time, before being surpassed by his daughter, Kuradal. Unfortunately, he would not reveal any more information to the adventurer, and stated that he will take this secret to the grave to avoid tempting others including the adventurer. He does just that.

The group attempts to save the adventurer from Lucien in the Wilderness. They engaged in battle with Lucien and his undead army. It is revealed during the battle that Duradal has a combat level of 197. Duradel is one of the six who perish in the ensuing battle, all six of whom were fighting Lucien directly. Lapalok then replaces him permanently as Slayer master.

After this quest, a statue of Duradel is fittingly placed next to a statue of Turael at the entrance to the Slayer Tower near Canifis, and two more statues can be found in Falador along with the other five heroes: around the lake in Falador Park and lining the bridge to the White Knights' Castle.

Slayer points

Completion of a task assigned by Duradel will grant you:

  • 15 points per normal task (7 if Smoking Kills hasn't been completed)
  • 75 for every 10th (37 otherwise)
  • 225 for every 50th (115 otherwise)

This means that if using Duradel over the long term, an average of 24 points will be granted per task.


Monster Amount Combat level Slayer experience Slayer level required Weakness Weighting
Aberrant spectres 130-200 72, 78 (Pollnivneach slayer dungeon) 109, 123 60 Script error (Slayer tower)
Script error (Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon)
Abyssal demon 130-200 98 278 85 Script error 15
Airut 125-150 122 800 92 Script error 16
Aquanite 130-200 95 212 78 Script error 9
Ascension members 100-125 84 (Rorarius), 91 (Gladius), 105 (Capsarius/Scutarius), 304 (Legiones) 140 (Rorarii icon), 146.6 (Capsarii icon), 220.2 (Gladii icon), 390.2 (Scutarii icon), 1445 - 1923 (Legio Primus chathead) 81/95 Script error 8
Automatons 65-80 115 624 67 Script error (Automaton Guardian)
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100-125 89, 92, 95, 580/102 (Kree'arra and guards) 179, 2261, 209, 161, 150 1 Script error (aviansies), Script error (Kree'arra and guards) 8
Black demon 130-200 98 294.4 1 Script error 10
Black dragon 40-80 70 (Baby), 100 (Black), 276 (King), 900 (Queen) 45, 245, 1050, 1693 1 Script error (baby/regular dragons), Script error (KBD/QBD) 9
Bloodveld 130-200 61, 68, 92 (Godwars dungeon), 91 & 95 (mutated) 38.6, 88.4, 197, 216, 239.6 50 Script error(Mutated) 20
Celestial dragons 125-135 127 976.3 1 Script error 16
Dagannoth 130-200 74, 88, 90, 92, 148, 303 71, 85, 99.6, 120, 331 1 See Dagannoth article 10
Dark beast 130-200 105, 112 (revenant) 331.4, 140 90 Script error Script error (Revenant dark beast) 15
Desert strykewyrm 90-140 103 120 77 Script error 11
Dust devil 130-200 85 105 65 Script error 10
Edimmu 196 122 (normal), 125 (powerful) 880.2 90 Script error, Script error  ?
Fire giant 130-200 85 161.2 1 Script error 10
Fungal mage 100-200 81 63.6 1 Script error 8
Ganodermic creatures 55-70 112 565 (beast), 565 (runt) 95 Script error 6
Gargoyle 130-200 93 197.4 75 Script error 10
Gorak 40-80 74, 95 (God Wars Dungeon) 49.8, 49.8 1 Script error, Script error (God Wars Dungeon) 5
Greater demon 130-200 82, 650/102 (K'ril Tsutsaroth and Tstanon Karlak) 135.4, 1849.5, 209, 161, 150 1 Script error (regular), Script error (K'ril/Tstanon) 11
Grifolapine 65-80 103 279 88 Script error 10
Grifolaroo 63-80 107 323.2 82 Script error 10
Grotworm 80-120 28 (young), 63 (regular), 98 (mature) 11.4, 102.8, 343.6 1 Script error 10
Hellhound 130-200 92, 95 (God Wars Dungeon) 93.8, 207.4 1 Script error (God Wars Dungeon)
Script error (elsewhere)
Ice strykewyrm[a 2] 100-200 152 693.2 93 Script error 8
Iron dragon 40-80 98 245 1 Script error 9
Jungle strykewyrm 90-120 98 250 73 Script error 10
Kalphites 170-250 Regular: 58, 65, 72, 333 (Kalphite Queen)

Exiled: 75, 84, 84, 98, 98, 356 (Exiled Kalphite Queen), 2500 (Kalphite King)

Regular: 62, 78.8, 99.8, 1347

Exiled: 110, 147, 147, 240, 240, 2055, 14,332.5

1 See Kalphites page 10
Mithril dragon 4-11 112 564.4 1 Script error 7
Mutated jadinko 120-200 93 (baby), 96 (guard), 100 (male) 98.6, 188.4, 209.6 80, 86, 91 Script error 8
Nechryael 130-200 96 251.6 80 Script error 10
Scabarites 40-80 42, 110, 110, 110, 110, 77 40, 70, 90, 90, 91, 100 1 Script error 10
Skeletal Wyvern 40-80 109 510.8 72 Script error 5
Spiritual Mage 130-200 98 229 83 Script error (Zamorak)
Script error (Armadyl, Bandos and Saradomin)
Steel dragon 40-80 100 350 1 Script error 7
Suqah 40-80 73, 74, 79 47.4, 49.8, 57.6 1 Script error 5
Vyrewatch 98-118 70, 72, 75, 78, 86, 91 (Vyrewatch), 98 (Vyrelord/Vyrelady) 43.2, 47.4, 52.2, 57.6, 81.0, 89.4, 340 1 Script error (only blisterwood weapons can cause damage.) 8
Warped terrorbird 130-200 82 133.4 56 Script error requires crystal chime in inventory 9
Waterfiend 130-200 102 (Ghorrock), 107 290.8, 335 1 Script error 10
Total weight 390+?
  1. ^ Requires you to speak to the dying knight outside of God Wars Dungeon to unlock them as a task.
  2. ^ Players need to own a fire cape or TokHaar-Kal (equipped, in player-owned house, in bank, or in inventory) or have purchased the ability to get an ice strykewyrm Slayer task for 2,000 Slayer points. Players must also have completed The Tale of the Muspah. Dropping all fire capes before obtaining a new task and picking them up afterwards can avoid this assignment.

Slayer Challenge

After a player has performed several Slayer tasks for Duradel, he will occasionally offer a special task in place of a regular Slayer task. The player can decline to take the special task without penalty. If the player accepts the special task, completing the task:

  • Earns extra Slayer experience
  • Earns Slayer points
  • Counts as a task for the player's consecutive task count, which is used for Slayer points.

Duradel's special task is for the player to slay monsters in the Slayer Tower in a single trip without leaving the tower. The numbers of monsters that must be slain are:

As the player kills the required number of each set of monster, a notice appears in the chatbox that the player has killed enough of the monster for the challenge.

Note that level 85 Slayer is needed for this task to kill every monster in the Slayer Tower. All monsters will use either magic or melee attacks so either Ganodermic armour or the use of prayer can easily destroy most of the monsters. A Full slayer helmet and the ability to destroy specific monsters would be highly recommended.

The reward for completing this task is a bonus of 20,000 Slayer experience and 35 bonus Slayer points.

Note: If you leave the Slayer Tower and do not return in the given time frame, it will cancel your special assignment but will not reset your slayer task count.

Task weighting

The percentage chance of getting assigned a given Slayer task can be calculated using the formula

$ \frac{w}{S} \times 100% $

where $ w $ is the task's weight and $ S $ is the sum of all weights for the particular Slayer Master. Note that the weights of all blocked tasks, as well as tasks toggled off have to be subtracted from the sum $ S $. Preferring a task doubles its chance of being assigned.

For Duradel, assuming all possible assignments are available, $ S $ = 390.



Duradel statue

A statue in memory of Duradel

  • When asked about Vannaka in a Postbag from the Hedge, it is revealed that Vannaka was a student of Duradel's, and once challenged him to be the strongest Slayer Master only to be beaten by his master with a sort of rare and powerful weapon. This may also mean that he has a set of dragon claws, despite not having used them during the battle in While Guthix Sleeps or has a pair of rune claws that are stronger than what he usually uses.Script error{{Expansion depth limit exceeded|Template|{{Expansion depth limit exceeded|preload|{{Expansion depth limit exceeded}}

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  • On the day of the release of While Guthix Sleeps, some Slayer masters, including Duradel, had a glitch in their names in the chatbox. If a player was assigned a task and asked "Got any tips for me?", instead of Duradel or Lapalok the game showed slayer_master_5_multi. This glitch could not be seen if using an enchanted gem, slayer ring or the NPC Contact spell. It could only be seen if talking personally to Duradel or Lapalok.
  • He was the toughest Slayer master until the release of Kuradal on 8 December 2009.


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