Dwarven fish extractor detail

A dwarven fish extractor is an item obtained from dwarven toolboxes on Treasure Hunter, and from inactive versions available after 13 July 2016.

The fish extractor can be used to either catch double the amount of fish with no Fishing experience gained, or used to double the amount of experience with no fish caught. Once activated, there is no way to turn the fish extractor off; it does not require bait and lasts for 100 charges.

Once all of the charges have been used, the extractor will break and a message in chat will appear which says "After sustained use, the dwarven fish extractor breaks apart in your hands." If multiple extractors are created they will stack and act as one tool with all the charges (a total of charges equal to (Y x 100) where "Y" is the amount in the stack).


If the dwarven fish extractor is used with a Fishing rod-o-matic or Augmented crystal fishing rod, the dwarven tool will take priority, and the other items will be ignored in terms of charge drain, perk, and item experience gain. It also takes priority over skillchompas - the skillchompas will not be consumed and no experience for using them will be granted.

If the double experience mode is used with a pair of Fishing experience-boosting gloves from the Fist of Guthix Reward Shop, the extra experience from the gloves will be applied before the experience is doubled. In the case of raw swordfish, at least 400 experience will be gained per fish caught.

The dwarven fish extractor will work with floating crystals on Tarddiad, with divine locations, and with the 10% chance for double loot from divine locations from Guthixian Caches. It also works with fishing urns and will charge the Fishing accumulator. Players will also receive prawn balls and prawn crackers whilst using the extractor.

During certain bonus XP events (such as Double XP Weekends and the 2016-17 New Year 10% bonus XP event) the dwarven fish extractor cannot be used. Even if the item is in the player's inventory, it will not activate in either double experience or double resource mode, and charges will not be used.

Fishing for raw wobbegongs will still yield 100 wobbegongs per fishing spot.


  • When used in the double experience mode while fishing, the fish extractor will help fill a decorated fishing urn.
  • If the extractor is used on double experience mode while on a daily challenge, it will not count towards the challenge.
  • On the first part of the graphical animation, the accordion style bellows would press out air while being pressed down. On the second part, would draw in air as it expanded.
  • It is possible to obtain fishing rocks when used.
  • The extractor still performs its animation, though it does not use charges, during a Double XP Weekend.
  • When used on double fish mode in combination with bare-handed fishing, instead of catching four fish when you manage to catch two at once, you will catch three fish.
  • When used on double fish mode, despite gaining no experience when catching fish, it will still fill a fishing urn.
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