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Dwarven instinct aura was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.
Dwarven instinct aura detail

The dwarven instinct aura is a tier 5 aura given out to all Premier Club 2015 members. When worn and activated, it allows the wearer to find magical chests of loot while training skills and killing monsters. It lasts for 1 hour with a usage limit of once per day (resetting at 00:00 UTC every day). It cannot be reset or extended with vis wax however the hellion aura can be used to reset it. After activating the aura, a magical chest spawns immediately if doing an appropriate activity (see Triggers below). There is a minimum time of 9 minutes between chest spawns. Up to 7 chests can be looted per use.

Ironman accounts receive significantly reduced rewards from the chest; it rewards them at 3/4th of the tier they belong to if they were regular accounts, meaning tier 6 is the highest reward tier an Ironman can receive a reward from.

A chatbox message notifies the player when one appears:
A magical chest appears nearby!

The dwarven instinct aura can be operated at the clan citadel. However it does not spawn chests at the Summoning plot.

If inventory space is unavailable, loot appears on the ground rather than in the player's bank. The crystal key, triskelion and clue rewards are secondary rewards, and appear alongside another item from the tables below. It is possible to receive more than one secondary reward at a time.

The aura was removed briefly on 22 February 2016 then re-added back to player's banks on 7 March 2016.

Magical chest

A magical chest appears nearby!

Combat Stats
RequirementsAura equipped
NoneAura slot
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


The Dwarven instinct aura is triggered only while doing certain skilling activities. The player should therefore be careful as to how they plan their activities so that they get the best out of the aura.

Below is a table listing by skill the activities that trigger a treasure chest while the aura is active. In addition to these, the Dwarven instinct aura also worked with most skilling plots at a clan citadel.

Skill Methods
Agility Completion of the following courses:
Construction Working on furniture or any construction activity that yields experience in the Construction skill, including in building mode and creating flatpacks on a workbench.
Cooking Cooking any type of food.
Crafting Making gold jewellery (best is to make gold bracelets); making items from leather or dragonhide; making molten glass in a furnace (as well as blowing it into glass objects); throwing clay on a potter's wheel (but not firing clay); making slayer rings; making cloth on the loom at a clan citadel; spinning items on a spinning wheel; crafting any type of battlestaff; blowing potion flasks; playing harmonium harps.
Divination Gathering wisps and converting memories from any wisp colony.
Dungeoneering Nothing.
Farming Harvesting/planting vegetables, hops, herbs, flowers, bushes, fruit trees and calquat trees; planting seeds or saplings. Raking weeds also works.
Firemaking Burning logs.
Fishing Catching most fish; barbarian fishing works. Fly fishing does not. Also Prifddinas waterfall fishing does.
Fletching Fletching logs into unstrung bows and stringing them.
Herblore Combining unfinished potions with secondary ingredients, including barbarian mixes; making unfinished potions; or by cleaning herbs.
Hunter Catching any creature, including Falconry.
Combat Killing any monster that drops summoning charms.
Mining Mining ore, coal, granite, clay, stone, gems or rune essence; mining in the Living Rock Caverns, mining in Miscellania. Mining in the Lava Flow Mine also works. Mining Seren stones, particularly during the Voice of Seren, is extremely fast.
Prayer Burying bones or scattering demonic ashes, including at player-owned house altars and at the Ectofuntus. The bones buried by the bonecrusher also count. Using a dwarf multicannon with bonecrusher will work. Teleporting urns also works, as does consuming bones while wearing Bone necklaces.
Runecrafting Creating any rune at an altar or by siphoning nodes in Runespan.
Slayer Killing monsters on a Slayer task.
Smithing Smelting normal ores, including gold ore; smithing items from normal bars; making cannonballs out of steel bars; working at the Artisans Workshop.

Activities that do not work: Superheating, smelting ores in the Blast Furnace and protean bar smithing.

Summoning Creating summoning pouches; summoning a familiar.
Thieving Pickpocketing
Woodcutting Cutting any wood, ivy, crystal tree, Jadinko Lair roots, or jungle near Tai Bwo Wannai as well as training at the sawmill.


The rarity of rewards varied by total skill level.

Controversy and re-addition

The aura was removed from the game on 22 February 2016, since the period for the 2015 Premier Club had expired.[1] However, many people who had received the aura were surprised by the removal, since Jagex did not say that this would happen in advance.[2] In response, Jagex has said that they would rebalance the drop table of the aura and permanently give it back to those who had it before.[3]

The aura is now less effective than it was in 2014-2015. It no longer gives whole crystal triskelions, instead giving crystal triskelion pieces at the same frequency (2%). The frequency of receiving a clue scroll is reduced from 5% to 2%, but it is still possible to get elite clue scrolls from the higher tier reward chests. The amount of resources and gold received from magical reward chests is reduced, with the minimum number of resources awarded being reduced from 5 to 3.[4]


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