Dwarven ramhammer detail

A dwarven ramhammer is an item obtained from dwarven toolboxes that were available on Treasure Hunter from 17 April 2015 00:00 UTC to 20 April 2015 23:59 UTC and from inactive versions available after 13 July 2016 00:00 UTC.

It can be used to gain double the amount of ores mined with no experience gained or it can be used to double the amount of experience with no ores gained. It lasts for 100 charges.

If the item is used with an augmented dragon pickaxe or augmented crystal pickaxe, the dwarven tool will take priority, and the other item will be ignored in terms of charge drain, perk, and item experience gain.

Its effect does not work on Crystal-flecked sandstone, Shooting Stars, the Clan Citadel mining plot, or idol crablets, but it does work on divine rock locations. However, only gaining double ores stacks with the bonus from Guthixian Caches.

New mining urns can be started in either mode of operation, however they will not fill while in resource mode. While using the ramhammer in XP mode, the active urn will fill at twice its normal rate. If the inventory is currently full, the ramhammer can still be used, but only in double XP mode. If world hopping for rune ore, then this tool is a very valuable addition for maximising one's time and effort.

During certain bonus XP events (such as Double XP Weekends and the 2016-17 New Year 10% bonus XP event) the dwarven ramhammer cannot be used. Even if the item is in the player's inventory, it will not activate in either double experience or double resource mode, and charges will not be used.


  • A sign of the porter will send both ores to the bank, but only one charge is used.
  • Mining concentrated coal/gold rocks in the living rock caverns, with the dwarven ramhammer set to double xp and having a sign of the porter equipped, claims that the ore mined has been sent to the player's bank. However, no ore is actually received.
  • In the past, ramhammers did not work properly with stone spirits from a Perfect juju mining potion or Perfect plus potion (a charge would be used but only one bar would be received). This has since been fixed, and players now properly receive two bars in their bank.
  • While mining ores that have a chance of obtaining gems, you may still obtain the gem in double xp mode.
  • While this does not work on Idol crablets, it would still use up a charge when set to double loot.
  • Does not work when used with the illumination aura, the aura takes priority over ramhammer, charges are not used.
  • Unlike the Crystal-flecked sandstone mine, players using the ramhammer are able to gather the double amount of resources from Red sandstone mines.
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