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The dwarven rock cake is a quest item used in Freeing the Mountain dwarf in Recipe For Disaster. It can only be given to Rohak after it has been cooled, making a dwarven rock cake (cooled).

Multiple cakes can be acquired after the quest by paying Rohak 100 coins for each one. The ingredients are not required again, though the cake WILL need to be cooled down again after completion of the quest.

Because of the small life point depletion, the rock cake can be seen occasionally used by people using the Dharok's armour. Some players use the life point depletion (which, with the Dharok's set effect active, causes the player to deal more damage) as a method of boosting damage while training combat or engaging in player-versus-player combat.


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A player attempts to pick up a hot dwarven rock cake.

  • If it is eaten when it is still hot the player burns their mouth and loses 20 life points, if it is eaten after it has been cooled down the player says 'Ow! I nearly broke a tooth!' and loses 100 life points.
  • If a player tries to pick a hot rock cake off the floor without gloves, it will play an animation and say "Ow! Ow! That's hot!" and the player will lose 20 life points.
  • Rock cakes used to be able to rapidly lower a player's life points or even possibly kill themselves, but this was changed due to an update.
  • If you do not have Ice gloves, you can cool down the rock cake by going to Ice Mountain and killing an Icefiend or by waiting approximately 4 hours.