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Eagles' Peak is a quest based on the Hunter skill, where the player helps the Ardougne Zoo procure a ferret as a new attraction. Rewards for the quest includes a new way to train the Hunter skill and a new form of transportation.

Official description

The Ardougne Zoo is always looking for new specimens, but one of their anticipated new attractions - a ferret from the north - has been proving elusive.

One of the Zoo's more eccentric freelance specimen hunters is reported to be on the case, but after setting out for the far western reaches, somewhere between the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and the Tree Gnome Stronghold, nothing more has been heard from him.

Will you be able to use your skills as a Hunter to track him down? What else will you discover at the mountain known as Eagles' Peak?


Start pointQuest map icon.png
Eagles' Peak icon.png
Speak to Charlie, one of the keepers at Ardougne Zoo, who is found at the south central cage (empty).
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthMedium
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.


Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • Teleportation runes to Ardougne and Varrock, Ardougne cloak 1+ (requires easy Ardougne Tasks)(Lodestone Network teleports also work).
  • Ability to use Spirit Tree
  • Dramen or Lunar Staff with the ability to use fairy rings (Not required if Fairy Tale Part III has been completed).
  • Energy potions or Explorer's ring or Spirit terrorbird with Tireless run scrolls. (highly recommended)
  • The Book of Char can be useful as you can teleport right outside the mountain where the quest plays out once a day. (Requires The Firemaker's Curse).
  • Access to Eagles' Peak lodestone.
Enemies to defeat

Starting off

Charlie the zookeeper chathead.png

Talk to Charlie the zoo keeper at Ardougne Zoo. He is at the south-west part of the zoo, just south of the scorpion cage. Select the option, "Ah, you sound like someone who needs a quest doing!" He'll tell you about his problem with a new delivery, a northern ferret, who managed to escape his cage while it was being unloaded. Charlie then contracted a huntsman called Nickolaus, who agreed to capture another ferret, but he hasn't been heard from for some time. Charlie will ask you to look for him. Select, "Sure. Any idea where I should start looking?" Charlie will then tell you to start around the mountains just west of the Gnome Stronghold.

Eagles' Peak

Nickolaus's camp.png

The easiest way to get here is to home teleport to the Eagles' Peak lodestone; if you have it activated. If you have access to the fairy ring network, the code AKQ lands you near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, and travel south from there. You can also teleport to the duel arena with a ring of duelling and go from there with the gnome glider to the Tree Gnome Stronghold after The Grand Tree, or you can simply use the Book of Char's teleport option and run north to the tent. If you have started the Memorial to Guthix distraction and diversion, you can use your memory strands to teleport just north of the campsite, making this the fastest travel method possible.

Go to the north west side of the mountain's base, where you will see a campsite. Inspect the pile of books to find a Bird book, then click on it to retrieve the Metal feather. From here, climb up the rocks next to the campsite to reach the rocky outcrop at the top of the mountain.

Use the metal feather from the book on the rocky outcrop to open the door. Then, go inside. A Feathered journal is just inside, but though amusing, it is not critical to the quest.

The passages split to three tunnels to other areas and another metal door, used later, and to a ledge over a large open area. First, walk towards Nickolaus. A cut scene will start when you enter the ledge and you will talk to Nickolaus, who is trapped across a chasm by a Giant Eagle that will not let him out of the cave. If you accidentally skip the cutscene by clicking to walk, or by other means, you can click on Nickolaus to shout at him, ultimately talking to him. While you are in the Dungeon pick up 10 "giant feathers" for use later (they're called "Eagle Feathers" in inventory).

Eagle disguise

Eagles' Peak Dungeon map.png

Nickolaus tells you to make a disguise for him. Talk to him about eagles, mention that he is trapped and offer to help. Each disguise requires 5 eagle feathers (so you'll need 10 total) which are all over the dungeon. In addition, you'll need 1 swamp tar and 1 yellow dye.

Teleport to Varrock and go to the Fancy dress shop (Not the costume/clothing shop at the center of varrock.) located in the south-east corner of the city, next to a bar to the west. The shop owner wants 10 giant feathers to make the costumes plus swamp tar and yellow dye.

A player shouting at Nickolaus.

The swamp tar can be found in Canifis and Lumbridge swamp respawns or simply bought from the Grand Exchange. The yellow dye can be bought from the seamstress in Lletya or Ardougne, the Grand Exchange, or from Aggie, the witch in Draynor, by using 2 onions on her (plus a small fee of 5 coins, of course).

When you bring all items (10 giant eagle feathers, 1 swamp tar, 1 yellow dye) and an additional 50 coins the fancy shop owner will make two Eagle capes and two Fake beaks (If you happen to lose your costume the fancy dress shop owner will make you another if you bring him the materials and 25 coins). With the two sets of disguises, go back to the Eagle Peak Mountain again. Go back up the shortcut and talk to Nickolaus. He wants you to bring the clothes to him.

Unlocking the Eagle Door

Locked Eagle door

There is a door in the dungeon with a large Eagle marking that leads to Nickolaus. You cannot open the door in this state. Three feathers (a bronze feather, a silver feather, and a golden feather) are required to be able to open the door.

Bronze Feather

Eagles Peak Bronze feather.png

West of the Eagle door is a tunnel. This leads to a room with a stone pedestal on which sits a bronze feather. When a player attempts to take it, a net trap will lift it upwards. Only once the net trap is holding the pedestal out of reach it is possible to operate the winches. Operate all four winches in each of the corners, causing the net trap to break. The pedestal will fall down and it is possible to take the bronze feather. After that leave and follow the directions to the silver feather cave.

Silver Feather

Fighting the gigantic Kebbit.

A bit further north, a second tunnel leads into another dungeon room, this time with an empty pedestal. Inspect the pedestal and a partial trail will appear. Follow the trail and inspect the closest heap of rocks to the end of the trail. If you are correct, the trail from the pedestal is shown to the heap of rocks, and a new partial trail starts. Repeat until the trail leads to an opening in the wall. Click the tunnel in the wall now and a level 14 kebbit will attack. Once you've killed it, take the silver feather by clicking the opening again and put it in the door. (Using ring of recoil to kill it works without getting any combat experience.)

If for some reason you don't have the required Hunter Level (27 or higher) you won't be able to see the trails and won't be able to get the silver feather.

Gold Feather

Eagles Peak Golden feather.png

The third tunnel entrance is to the east of the main dungeon (opposite where you first entered the cave system). You need to get to the end of a long corridor due west from the entrance. The corridor is blocked by metal Eagles on tracks and Eagle-winged gates. The birds can be lured to a feeder by putting odd bird seed in a feeder along the track while the gates are opened and closed using levers in the area.

There is a reset lever outside of the Gold Feather cave.

float right

Take at least 6 handfuls of bird seed from the pile near the entrance of the cave.
Put seed in feeder 1, south-west of the entrance. The north-south eagle will be blocked by a gate and return, however the east-west eagle will remain at this feeder.
Pull lever 1, west of the feeder.
Pull lever 2, north-west of the entrance.
Pass the east gate (immediately south of the entrance). Put seed in feeder 3.
Put seed in feeder 4.
Pull lever 3, the lever in the furthest south-east corner.
Go back to lever 2 once more and Push Up.
Put seed in feeder 5, the feeder adjacent to lever 2.
Pull lever 4, the lever in the furthest north-west corner.
Put seed in feeder 2.
Put seed in feeder 1, the original feeder. This time, the north-south eagle will not be obstructed by a gate and will remain at the feeder.
Walk down the western hallway and take the golden feather.

After collecting all three feathers (bronze, silver and gold) use each feather on the door to open it. Walk to Nickolaus by clicking on the Giant Eagle while wearing the full Eagle disguise. If you are not wearing a disguise, the eagle will knock you back dealing 0-100 life points.

After a short conversation, Nickolaus requests you to meet him back at the camp.


Catching the Ferret for the Zoo.

Go back out of the Eagle Peak Mountain dungeon and walk back down to the tent you were at before (or take the rock climbing short-cut). Talk to Nickolaus and he'll teach you how to catch Ferrets. Go back to Ardougne zoo with a caught Ferret and talk to Charlie and quest complete!


Eagles' Peak reward.png
  • 2 quest points
  • 2,500 Hunter experience
  • Ability to capture ferrets using box traps.
  • Access to the Eagle transport system
  • Eagle costume
  • You can also use your captured ferrets to flush rabbits from rabbit holes. You'll need a rabbit trap to catch the rabbits though. Trapped rabbits drop bones, raw rabbit meat, and a rabbit's foot. Use a ball of wool on the rabbit's foot to string it, then wear the rabbit foot necklace when cutting trees to increase your chances of getting a bird nest from the tree.
  • A ferret is put in the zoo.
  • A box trap.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
Music unlocked

Required to complete these tasks.



  • The quest shares a name with a famous peak above the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, USA.
  • This quest still shows its requirements during and after the quest, as opposed to only before starting for other quests.
  • When you first push the boulder away from the entrance, there is an occasional glitch where the boulder keeps "rolling" after it hits the corner.
  • Wearing both pieces of your Eagle disguise while talking to Nickolaus will result in him telling a short joke. On the other hand, wearing the cape alone will cause the game to skip a large chunk of the conversation.
  • The bronze, silver, and gold feathers coincidentally refers to the Boy Scouts of America's rewards after achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. However, in Scouting, they are called palms rather than feathers.
  • Upon the completion of this quest, one's Adventurer's Log will read: "Nickolaus was saved from his troubles by a cunning eagle disguise. I can’t believe the eagles bought it!"
  • After completing the quest, if you talk to Juna, your character will say, "...So in the end I had to dress up as an eagle in order to get the zoo a new ferret!" to which she replies, "You should not make light of your tampering with the balance of nature. Always treat the natural world with respect."
  • While talking to Nickolaus after giving him the eagle costume, he appears to be wearing a Duck bill, as opposed to an eagle beak.
  • The eagle you must walk past in order to get to Nickolaus has coloured paint splats on the end of its beak and in its eyes.