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The earth rune is one of the four basic elemental runes. Earth runes can be used for spells such as the Earth spells in the standard spellbook, and Shadow spells in the Ancient Magicks spellbook. Earth runes can be substituted by a staff of earth, earth battlestaff, lava battlestaff, mud battlestaff, dust rune, mud rune, or lava rune.

These may be crafted at level 9 using an Earth talisman at the Earth Altar north-east of Varrock, conveniently close to its east bank or even from the Rune Essence mine at Aubury's rune shop, south of said bank. Crafting earth runes yields 6.5 experience per essence, or a total of 182 experience per inventory. An explorer's ring may be used to craft extra runes, with an additional 6.5 experience granted per rune. Players can obtain earth runecrafting gloves from the Fist of Guthix minigame for 75 tokens. When these gloves are worn, the player gains more experience as they craft earth runes. They are also sold at Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock and Betty's Magic Emporium in Port Sarim, as well as many other places in the members areas.

They are also a common drop from many monsters, with larger numbers from the dark wizards at the stone circle south of Varrock. Mountain trolls drop these runes frequently as well, and in high quantities, often yielding 45 runes at a time.

They can sometimes be found inside barrels.

Crafting multiple earth runes

For more information about Runecrafting multiples, see crafting multiple runes.
Multiplier Runecrafting level GE Price
1x 9 18
2x 26 36
3x 52 54
4x 78 72
5x 104* 90


Free-to-play spells

All players can cast these spells.

Members spells

Only members can cast these spells:

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Al Kharid warrior184Common
Barrel (Viyeldi caves)N/A1–12Common
Brine rat4910–36Common
Cave bug8; 121–147Common
Chaos druid329Common
Chaos druid warrior659Common
Cockroach worker301–22Common
Corpse Spider42Common
Crystal chestN/A200Common
Dagon'hai Monk7710–36Common
Dark warrior161Common
Dark wizard22; 30; 33; 35; 3710–36Common
Dung kalphiteN/A5Common
Earth elemental4415Common
Earth implingN/A32Common
Earth warrior7812–60Common
Earth warrior (elite)8812–60Common
Earth wizard225–10Common
Elite Khazard guard77; 844–10Common
Fortress guard (historical)52unknownCommon
Giant ant worker491–9Common
Giant rock crab951–40Common
Gnome (monster)42; 43; 441Common
Gnome child11Common
Gnome woman421Common
Goblin Raider561Common
Goblin statue7010Common
Guard18; 25; 353–6Common
Ice troll female688–60Common
Ice troll grunt688–60Common
Ice troll male6810–60Common
Ice troll runt5310–60Common
Imp herald985Common
Infernal Mage725–36Common
Infernal Mage (elite)825–36Common
Kalphite Worker5811–19Common
Mountain troll7525–60Common
Necromancer (monster)3918–36Common
Ogre statue7550Common
Ork statue7110–50Common
Ourg statue7950Common
Pirate26; 29; 329Common
Rock lobster1005Common
Rockslug42; 4910Common
Skeleton15; 16; 32; 43; 46; 47; 49; 51; 53; 54; 58; 701–3Common
Troll general9180Common


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  • The most earth runes required for a spell are 30, for the Charge Earth Orb spell.
  • One earth rune is equivalent to 6 Investment Credits in Mobilising Armies.