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The Eastern outfit is an outfit available to members as part of the Members Loyalty Programme. Members can obtain this costume in exchange for 1000 Membership Loyalty Points. Buying the costume will give access to all parts of the costume, in all the available colours. There are a total of five colours available. The outfit consists of both male and female parts, which will be recieved based on the player's avatar's gender. Changing gender will also change the gender of the outfit pieces.

Like all the other Loyalty Programme costumes, it can be stored in the Fancy Dress Box in the POH Costume room, but will be reverted to its default colours.

The outfit consists of:

Other outfits available through the Membership Loyalty Programme include the Samba Outfit, the Saxon Outfit, and the Dervish Outfit.


  • These outfits resemble traditional Japanese clothing.
  • When males wear the Eastern knot they gain a variation of the Japanese hairstyle called the chonmage (丁髷). Females who wear the Eastern bun gain a variation of the yuiwata (結綿).
  • The Eastern sandals are based on real world Japanese sandals called zōri (草履).