Eastern scrolls are blueprints obtained from the Wushanko Isles in the Player-owned port minigame. Scrolls have four parts each and must be completed before the item may be created. Scrolls can only be obtained from adventurer voyages, having the highest adversity. All in all, there are 27 scrolls to complete, or 108 pieces total. You can select which scrolls to look for and see how many you have in the Port Management screen which you can access from the Captains Log or in the Ports options interface while in the ports area.

In order to get the most scrolls in the shortest time, it is best to start farming them when reaching the Skull. Travelling far enough to access a new region will cause the time and difficulty of scroll missions to go up. Unlike other special voyages, scroll missions add to the total distance travelled.[1]

Scroll 0 1 2 3 4 # of scrolls
Tetsu Tetsu scroll piece 0 Tetsu scroll piece 1 Tetsu scroll piece 2 Tetsu scroll piece 3 Tetsu scroll piece 4 4
Seasinger Sea singer scroll piece 0 Sea singer scroll piece 1 Sea singer scroll piece 2 Sea singer scroll piece 3 Sea singer scroll piece 4 4
Death Lotus Death Lotus scroll piece 0 Death Lotus scroll piece 1 Death Lotus scroll piece 2 Death Lotus scroll piece 3 Death Lotus scroll piece 4 4
Scrimshaws Scrimshaw scroll piece 0 Scrimshaw scroll piece 1 Scrimshaw scroll piece 2 Scrimshaw scroll piece 3 Scrimshaw scroll piece 4 12
Other Recipe scroll piece 0 Recipe scroll piece 1 Recipe scroll piece 2 Recipe scroll piece 3 Recipe scroll piece 4 3


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