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Echo of Jas chathead

The Echo of Jas is a manifestation of the Elder God Jas and the final boss fought in the One of a Kind quest. She is level 133 and can do significant damage to the player, mainly using magic attacks. She also uses a selection of Magic abilities in combat and has no weakness. She does not have a large amount of HP but her defense is enormous, so strong weapons are recommended. It is advised to use Ranged and to bring food. Using Anticipation and Freedom is recommended, as she can use Asphyxiate, sometimes more than once in a row.

While fighting her she will periodically summon a False User that will resemble either Saradomin, Zamorak or Lucien. False Users will use a special attack before disappearing if not killed, so when the echo summons one it is imperative to kill it as quickly as possible, ideally using abilities such as Chain or Ricochet. The False User that looks like Saradomin will heal the Echo of Jas a large amount, the Zamorak will drop rocks on your current location dealing moderate damage over time and the Lucien will shoot an unavoidable, powerful attack that deals roughly 2000 damage.

The Echo of Jas is fight-able as a class X2 boss monster in the Dominion Tower minigame if the player has completed the quest One of a Kind.
Confronting the echo

Jas speaks.


  • The Echo seems to be wearing a black version of dragon armour.
  • The Echo seems to gain adrenaline from threshold abilities rather than lose it, similar to the way threshold abilities worked in the early stages of the Evolution of Combat beta.
  • The Echo has been known to use some abilities without cooldown. For instance, if she breaks free from a stun with Freedom, and is hit with a damage-over-time effect right after, she'll immediately use Freedom again. Whether this is intentional or an oversight is unknown.
    • Likewise, she can use the Asphyxiate ability twice or, very rarely, even three times in a row without using any other abilities or attacks in between. This can kill very quickly, although using Freedom and/or Anticipation can mitigate the stuns. It is worth noting that the player will have no means of countering it in Legacy Mode, making it an extremely difficult, if not impossible, battle for Legacy players.
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