Economy building for dummies is a book used in the quest Do No Evil. It is given to you by Iwazaru after you have given him a Bundle of carpets and established a carpet transport link at the monkey camp. It should be read in order to find out what further improvements can be made to the colony.

The book reveals the following:

You should build three stalls for wares, as well as a tent. To start building, you must first remove the rubble with a spade from the four build spots.

You will need 2 teak planks and 2 bolts of cloth for each stall. You will need a saw and a hammer to do this. Once the stalls have been built they will need to be filled with wares.

For the tent, you will need 4 bolts of cloth and 1 coil of rope. You'll need a hammer and a knife in order to assemble it.

It currently cannot be placed on the bookcase in your Player-owned house.


  • The title of the book is a reference to the famous For Dummies instruction books series.
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