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The Edgeville Dungeon Chaos Druid resource dungeon is found north of the gate into the Wilderness of the Edgeville Dungeon. This resource dungeon is for Pay-to-Play players and has a Dungeoneering level requirement of 10. 1,100 Dungeoneering experience is gained upon the player's first entrance. The room contains 12 Chaos druids which drop herbs used for training Herblore. Even though the dungeon's location is in the Wilderness side of the dungeon, the dungeon itself is not in the wilderness. The room has a grimy marrentill, grimy irit, grimy harralander, and the only grimy ranarr spawn in all of RuneScape.

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Practical uses

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This dungeon provide excellent ways of training herblore since chaos druids drop vials of water and herbs like marrentill and tarromin. Players then can go to the nearby hill giant dungeon to pick up the limpwurt roots to make strength potions, or leave through the Edgeville entrance to bank or kill unicorns for their horns to make antipoison along with the marrentill.

Higher level players may also benefit from their surprisingly common valuable herb drops. A macaw may be used to improve drops.

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