Fish and edicap potato detail

An edicap potato is a unique food used in the Dungeoneering skill and can only be found in Daemonheim. It is made by using a baked cave potato with an edicap mushroom. It heals 100 life points. Fish found in Daemonheim could then be added to it to heal more life points.


Edicap potato Edicap potato
Cooking-Make-X GE icon
7.7 XP--
Cooking Cooking level1
Quests Dungeon Complexity: 5+
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Baked cave potatoBaked cave potato1N/A-
Edicap mushroomEdicap mushroom1N/A-


  • Edicap potato heals less than one of its components, edicap mushroom, which heals 625 life points.
  • It uses the same model as edicap potatoes with fish, which shows the red strip that represents the fish even if it isn't added yet.
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