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Eek was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.

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Eek is a pet spider players obtained from the 2009 Hallowe'en event Web of Shadows. After the event, members can place Eek in either a Pet house or Toy box in their Player-owned house.

Unlike most pets, Eek does not eat, cannot be fed anything, and does not follow the player. Instead, she is wielded in the weapons slot.

During the 2009 Hallowe'en event, Eek is given to the player by the Spider Herald, after being instructed by the Spider Queen to fill the Grim Reaper's house with webs so the Spider will move out of Grim's bath. The player must hold Eek and travel through the house, covering various pieces of furniture in spider webs. After the player finishes spinning sixty-four webs and completes the event, the Queen allows Eek to stay with the player, at Eek's request. If you dismiss Eek, you can get a replacement in Draynor Village from Diango.

Players have the right-click option of Talk-to, in which a random conversation takes place between the player and Eek, and Play-with, in which the player performs an emote with Eek spinning a spider web and dropping down.

Combat Stats
RequirementsEek equipped.png
Attack.png MeleeMain hand slot.png
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses



  • Eek talks about being bitten by a magically radiated man and becoming "Man-Spider." This is a reference to Spider-Man.
  • As stated in a guaranteed content poll for the reward for the 2010 Hallowe'en event, Eek's best friend is a bat called Squeek.
  • There was extra dialogue in the 2011 Hallowe'en event if the player brought Eek along.
  • You cannot place this item inside the Keepsake box.
  • While wearing only Eek, any Solomon walk-animations will be canceled out, but if an off-hand weapon is equipped along with Eek the player's will have the effect of the special walk-animations at the cost of losing Eek's animation.
  • If you have Eek in your inventory when you pick up the spider in Carnillean Rising, it says "Eek is delighted to have a new friend."
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