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Queen Efaritay Hallow was the legendary icyene queen of Hallowvale, wife of King Ascertes and mother of Safalaan. She now resides on the roof of Castle Drakan, after the events of River of Blood.

Queen of Hallowvale

Queen Efaritay was the legendary Icyene queen who ruled the kingdom of Hallowvale with her human husband King Ascertes during the early Third Age. She bore their child Safalaan Hallow.

After Zaros' banishment and Zamorak rising to power, Zamorak together with Lowerniel Drakan and various other followers led a campaign to the Hallowlands. As shown in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor - Zamorak Returns campaign the land of Queen Efaritay was conquered - with the Conquest of Hallowvale being the end of Queen Efaritay's reign. During the conquest Ascertes was captured by Lord Drakan and to protect her husband and son Efaritay surrendered to Lord Drakan and ended up being imprisoned in a cell in Castle Drakan on Vampyrium for centuries.

Fairytale Efaritay

Queen Efaritay is lost to history by the time of the battle of the Salve. The only remaining memories of the once glamourous and revered Queen Efaritay are mentioned in letters and documents, found in the once abandoned, now inhabitated city of Burgh de Rott, and in ancient books in forgotten libraries. On the basement wall of the run-down inn in Burgh de Rott, there still hangs a plaque, which reads: "Blessings on Efaritay, our Icyene Queen from far off lands and her loving children of Hallowed name."

And if that didn't convey her importance in those times, the ancient books of the secret library of the Temple of Paterdomus state it clearly:

“Eight centuries and score into the history of our land there came a darkness which fell about the land once called Hallowvale. The Queen of that sad time, an Icyene of once formidable power, became to be deposed by ‘his-dark-self’ and his hordes. Against all of her considerable will she was forced to kneel and attend ‘his-dark-self’ in order that she might save her loving husband Ascertes.”
- From an Ancient Book from the secret library

“…One such tale is of a Queen from a far away land of considerable power and revered by the peoples. It is also claimed that the peoples named the land ‘Hallowvale’ after her, though there is no true record of this.”
- From a Battered Tome from the secret library

A dialogue with Amelia and Rory refers to Efaritay; one of the children claims that Drakan killed Efaritay, the other one says that she wasn't killed.

She is first heard in-game as the mysterious ??? that is met during The Lord of Vampyrium, but it is first during River of Blood, that she reveals her true identity and fate.

The Lord of Vampyrium

The following takes place during The Lord of Vampyrium.
??? chathead
??? escaping

The oubliette is smashed open.

During The Lord of Vampyrium the player encounters Efaritay as an unknown female who has been locked up in the original Castle Drakan on Vampyrium for a long time. She refuses to reveal her identity and refuses to escape due to the psychological hold that Lord Drakan has over her. After his death, she blasts the grate open and escapes. She manages to return to Gielinor by flying through the portal that Vanescula repeatedly opened to empty the Vampyrium Castle blood storages.

River of Blood

The following takes place during River of Blood.

As Vanescula's army waits across the Salve to attack, the Wyrd arrives and kills Drezel, then trying to kill Ivan Strom. That isn't until an Icyene swoops down to stop the fight, the Wyrd throwing spat at her holiness. It then retreats, as does Vanescula and her army, as the unknown Icyene reveals herself to be the formerly Queen Efaritay. She is angered that yet again there are two armies waging war at Paterdomus. She leaves after, informing the player that she can be found at the Icyene graveyard.

When spoken to at the graveyard, she will be calmer and explain why she was angry. She also reveals being the prisoner in Castle Drakan on Vampyrium at the end of the previous quest, managing to reach Gielinor when Vanescula reopened the portal to Vampyrium in order to retrieve the stored blood from the Vampyrium Castle's dungeon. She lets the player retrieve her pendant, which makes her wonder how it returned there, after the player informs her that they gave it to Safalaan before his death. This makes her wonder if Safalaan survived and became the wyrd that appeared at Paterdomus.

She lets the player find out and appears on the roof of Castle Drakan, where they battle Safalaan together, forcing him to listen to them. After convincing him to give the player some of his blood, the player mixes a potion which stills his hunger for blood. The player then leaves and Efaritay remains behind to care for Safalaan. They later join the player at Paterdomus, where they convince Vanescula into an alliance. After succesfully doing so, they can be met on top of Castle Drakan after the quest.

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