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Eggs are occasionally laid by pekin on Waiko in the Arc. They can be sold to Tang Chufang on Waiko for 1 chime each, or can be hatched in nests on the Uncharted Isles if you have a "hatch eggs" contract from Sojobo.

Shop locations

Tang Chufang
Merchant Tang
Island Waiko
Price sold at 1
Prices bought at
Base value 1
First upgrade 1
Second upgrade 1

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  • The item's examine text references a line from the 1954 crime film On the Waterfront.
  • Wushanko eggs were added to the Arc with chapter 2, but a mistake meant that the chickens on Waiko were normal chickens, not pekin, and didn't lay any eggs at all until it was patched a week later.
  • If you have a "hatch eggs" contract, nests and eggs will appear on the beaches of uncharted islands. Each nest can be used only once, and the pekin that hatch quickly from them will lay more eggs.
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