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The egg potato is a food item that can be made by members by combining an egg and tomato topping with a potato with butter. This requires a Cooking level of 51 and grants 45 Cooking experience. Creating all ingredients from scratch and using them to create an egg potato grants 196.5 Cooking experience. Each potato heals up to 1,375 life points, depending on your constitution level.

Egg potato
Cooking level 51
Cooking XP 196.5 total
Burn level 51 (never burns as no heat used)
Utensils Bowl, knife
Ingredients Potato, bucket of milk, egg, tomato
Range only Yes
To make egg potato:
  1. Cook a raw potato on a range to make a baked potato
  2. Churn a bucket of milk into a pat of butter
  3. Use the butter on the baked potato to make a potato with butter
  4. Use an egg on a bowl to make uncooked egg
  5. Cook the uncooked egg on a range to make scrambled egg
  6. Use the tomato on the bowl of scrambled egg to make egg and tomato topping
  7. Use the egg and tomato topping on the potato with butter to make a egg potato
Making Egg potato
Raw potato Raw potato Baked potato Baked potato Pat of butter Pat of butter Potato with butter Potato with butter Egg and tomato Egg and tomato Egg potato Egg potato
683 255 686 54 157 340
Net cost if made from Raw potato, Bucket of milk, Egg, and Tomato: -2,722 coins.
Net cost if made from Baked potato, Pat of butter, Scrambled egg and Tomato: -1,388 coins.
Net profit if made from Potato with butter and Egg and tomato: 129 coins.

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