Script error Eir is a Valkyrie and an inhabitant of the Fremennik spiritual realm. She welcomes deceased Fremennik who die to the realm, and prepares them for the End of Things.

When the player "dies" after being crushed by rocks twice during Blood Runs Deep, they are welcomed by Eir who explains that the player is now in the realm of the fallen warriors. Afterwards, a human Nial Swiftfling and Asleif appear and discuss previous experiences during Glorious Memories.

After speaking with Nial and Asleif, Eir transports the player back to RuneScape.

Once the quest is complete, players are unable to return to the Fremennik spiritual realm and cannot see her again.

She appeared alongside Hati and Sköll in the Winter events, starting with the 2014 Winter event, where she required help retrieving her helmet and spear. She could be found near the sparkling wisp colony in the southeastern corner of the Fremennik province, south of Lalli and the Golden Apple Tree. During the Valkyrie's Return event, which appeared alongside the 2019 Winter event, she could be found near the Fremennik lodestone instead.



  • Eir seems to be based on a figure in Norse mythology of the same name. In Norse mythology she is a goddess and/or valkyrie, which escorts those slain in battle to the afterlife.
  • She mentions she and the player might meet again at "The End of Things". This is possibly a reference to the Ragnarök, a battle between the gods in Norse mythology that ends up destroying the world. This hints at a second God Wars. This seems confirmed after the 2014 Winter event, in which she came to Gielinor because she felt the End of Things was near.

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