Elder charm detail

Elder charms are summoning charms that are obtained by killing muspah, nihil and nightmare creatures, on Freneskae or by looting divine implings. They act as an ingredient in order to infuse and summon one of five familiars. Unlike other charms, the pouches created with elder charms use elder energy in the place of spirit shards, which can potentially save money if the player chooses to gather the energy themselves.

Spirit gems can save these charms, and they are affected by the Charming Imp.


Elder charms are used to create summoning pouches for the following familiars:

Level Familiar Tertiary Elder energy Energy cost
Create pouch XP High-alch value Grand Exchange value
81 Nightmare muspah pouchNightmare muspah Muspah spine 150 63,150 145.3 3,419 93,490
87 Smoke nihil pouchSmoke nihil Aviansie talons 150 63,150 355 3,419 156,925
87 Shadow nihil pouchShadow nihil Demon horn 150 63,150 355 3,419 267,041
87 Blood nihil pouchBlood nihil Vampyre fangs 150 63,150 355 3,419 242,547
87 Ice nihil pouchIce nihil Icyene feather 150 63,150 355 3,419 222,837

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Bladed muspah1501Common
Blood nihil1601Common
Divine implingN/A1–5Common
Force muspah1501Common
Ice nihil1601Common
Shadow nihil1601Common
Smoke nihil108; 1601Common
Throwing muspah1501Common
Divine impling jarN/A1–5Uncommon


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  • The symbol on the charm resembles Zaros, Seren, and Mah's eyes, although Mah has only two eyes on the right side, probably from the fact that she was malformed and warped from the lack of anima.
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