Elder divination outfit equipped

A player wearing the Elder divination outfit.

The elder divination outfit is a Divination outfit that is acquired from combining the Energy, Chronicle, and Memory Divination outfits. Once combined, it is impossible to disassemble the combined pieces. Pieces of the outfit will work with any non-combined pieces from other divination outfits as long as all other pieces are of the same outfit. Each piece of the Elder divination outfit can be recoloured to energy, chronicle, memory, and elder. These outfits could be obtained from Treasure Hunter from 00:00 UTC 12 November to 23:59 UTC 16 November 2015.

The pieces of the Divination energy outfit, Divination chronicle outfit, and Divination memory outfit can be made by collecting 3600 divination fragments (which requires level 70 Divination) and combining these with the Invention skill at level 20 Invention and level 80 Divination.

Set effects

When the full set is worn, it has the following effects:

  • 3 daily teleports to any wisp colony that the player has the required Divination level to use and quests completed.
  • Unlimited teleports to May Stormbrewer, or Guthix's Cave if the player has completed The World Wakes.
  • 7% chance to harvest 2 memories at once, giving twice as much experience and divine energy.
  • 7% chance to get 2 chronicle fragments/elder chronicles/knowledge fragments at once when harvesting a chronicle fragment/elder chronicle/knowledge fragment.
  • 5% chance of getting five times the energy while harvesting wisps.
  • Uses Diviner's outfit bonus experience if owned, even while the set is in the bank or being held by Diango. This is dependent on the number of outfit pieces owned. (E.g. A player who owns 2 pieces of the outfit will gain 2% bonus experience while wearing the divination outfit.)
  • Players who own Modified diviner's headwear will gain its benefits from a divination outfit head.

While gathering from positive, negative, or ancestral energy springs, the outfit will instead occasionally gather 1 additional energy, rather than 5 times as much. The outfit will also occasionally give double experience when harvesting these springs - the equivalent of double memories, but these springs do not give memories.

Outfit pieces

Elder divination head Elder divination head
Elder divination body Elder divination body
Elder divination legs Elder divination legs
Elder divination hands Elder divination hands
Elder divination feet Elder divination feet


The outfit's effects can stack with each other and can stack with the Nightmare muspah's effect.

Energy gained from stacked effects
Memory effect Energy effect Muspah effect Total energy
X mark X mark X mark 3
Yes check X mark X mark 6
X mark X mark Yes check 12
X mark Yes check X mark 15
Yes check X mark Yes check 24
X mark Yes check Yes check 27
Yes check Yes check X mark 30
Yes check Yes check Yes check 54

While having the Divination level to gather the maximum amount of energy at each colony, wearing this outfit, and utilizing a Nightmare muspah familiar, you can expect to gather upwards of 9,000 energy per hour if converting your memories into energy.