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An elder seed is a possible loot from crystal implings, the Motherlode Maw, the crystal chest at the Iorwerth Clan's district of Prifddinas, and Crystal Shapeshifters after the completion of The Light Within.

Before Prifddinas was released it used to be obtained from skilling for 24 hours while wearing the crystal amulet, or while wearing a clover necklace if the player owns the crystal amulet. One elder seed is received for every 24 crystal motherlode shards from the amulet, and the following message is shown: Your crystal amulet has produced an elder tree seed.

Elder tree seeds can be planted in a plant pot full of soil and grown into an elder sapling, which can be re-planted in the elder tree patch located in the Crwys Clan district of Prifddinas. Sior will watch over a growing Elder tree at the cost of a payment of 25 morchella mushrooms. Checking an elder tree's health will yield 23,162.1 Farming experience.

Growing an elder seed into a tree and checking its health is a requirement for the title [Name] of the Crwys. Chopping a log from an elder tree you have grown in the Crwys district and fletching it into an elder shortbow is a requirement for completing one of the Tirannwn Tasks, "Respect your Elders".

Elder seed
Farming level 90
Patch Elder tree
Payment 25 morchella mushrooms
Time 70 hours
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting 321
Checking 23,142
Crop Elder logs
Yield[?] Unknown edit

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Crystal Shapeshifter1121Rare
Crystal chestN/A1Uncommon
Crystal implingN/A1Uncommon
Crystal impling jarN/A1Uncommon
Motherlode MawN/A1Uncommon


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  • Elder seeds were not tradeable until the release of Prifddinas.
  • Its examine prior to the release of the city was: "A seed that can grow into an elder tree. Talk to the elves when the city opens."
    • Its destroy message was: "This seed will be useful when Elf city[sic] opens, maybe you should keep it for now."
  • The elder seed takes the longest time for any seed to grow to maturity.
  • Seedicide does not have an option to turn elder seeds into experience.