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Elder Tree
Elder tree.png
Release date 8 October 2013 (Update)
Members Yes
Logs Elder logs
Examine The aged tree dominates with its huge presence.

An elder tree is a high-levelled members-only tree that can be cut for elder logs at level 90 Woodcutting. When cutting, players will obtain 325 experience per log, which can be fletched into an elder shortbow at level 90 Fletching, or an elder shieldbow at level 95 Fletching. Elder logs may also be burned by players with level 90 Firemaking for 444.5 Firemaking experience each.


Elder trees are unique in that they are individually cut by players, instead of being shared between them. Elder trees may be chopped for five minutes before the tree will become depleted of branches, and becomes inactive for that player on all worlds until it regrows. Elder trees will deplete themselves of branches regardless of whether a player continues to chop at the tree or not. It takes approximately 10 minutes of in-game time for an elder tree to regrow its branches, becoming active again. As such, logging out and logging back in 10 minutes later will leave the tree still in its cut state.

After depleting an elder tree of its branches, players often relocate to a different location to continue to harvest elder logs while waiting for other elder trees to regrow.

At level 91 Woodcutting, each elder tree on average yields roughly 5 to 10 elder logs. At level 96 Woodcutting, each elder tree on average yields roughly 5 to 11 logs. In rare instances upwards of 20 elder logs have been obtained.

The multichop special move of the beaver Summoning familiar does not work on elder trees, producing the game message: The elder tree is too tough for the beaver to chew through.

Decorated woodcutting urns, signs of the porter and juju woodcutting potions will transport elder logs to the bank for players who have those effects active.


Map Location Teleport
Elder tree (Legends' Guild) location.png

East of the Sorcerer's Tower, or north-east of the Legends' Guild

Fairy ring blrSeers' Village lodestone, Ardougne Teleport, Ardougne lodestone, Ardougne cloakSixth-Age circuit
Elder tree (Yanille) location.png South of Yanille

Yanille lodestone, Watchtower Teleport, Teleport to House (if your house is in Yanille), Yanille tablet

Elder tree (Tree Gnome Stronghold) location.png North-west of Tree Gnome Stronghold bank Due west of the spirit tree in the stronghold

(Eagle's Peak lodestone: Shortcut)

Elder tree (Draynor Village) location.png South of Draynor Village bank Amulet of glory, fairy ring DIS, Draynor lodestone
Elder tree (Falador) location.png North of Falador Farm, south-east of Falador. Cabbage-port using explorer's ring (3 or 4), Draynor lodestone, Falador Teleport
Elder tree (Varrock) location.png South of Varrock, north of the Rat Pen, or west of East Varrock Mine. South of the Zamorak prayer altar. Varrock lodestone, Varrock Teleport
Elder tree (Lletya) location.png Near magic trees, south-west of Lletya Crystal teleport seed, Tirannwn quiver, Tirannwn lodestone
Elder tree (Piscatoris) location.png Piscatoris hunter area Phoenix lair teleport, fairy ring akq (then go south), Eagles' Peak lodestone, memory strand teleport (then north-east)
Elder tree (Gunnarsgrunn) location.png South of Edgeville, near the Stronghold of Safety. Edgeville lodestone, Wilderness sword, amulet of glory, skull sceptre
Elder tree (Rimmington) location.png Directly south of Melzar's Maze, or west of POH Portal in Rimmington Rimmington tablet, clan vexillum, Teleport to House (if your house is in Rimmington), skills necklace, Port Sarim lodestone

Player-grown elder tree

At level 90 Farming, Elder saplings can be planted in the elder tree patch located in the Crwys Clan district of Prifddinas. The sapling takes at least 70 hours (just under 3 days) to fully grow. Sior will watch over an elder tree sapling, requesting a payment of 25 morchella mushrooms in return.

Chopping a log from an elder tree the player has grown in the Crwys district and fletching it into an elder shortbow is a requirement for completing one of the Tirannwn Tasks, "Respect your Elders".


Official concept art of an elder tree.

  • There are a number of Easter eggs related to the Elder tree. These include:
    • Using compost on the tree gives the message "It's a nightmare to get out of the ground."
    • Using blue flowers on the tree results in a message saying "Hmm, Elder Flowers."
    • Using purple flowers on the tree results in a message saying "Mmm elderflowers."
    • Using any type of Summoning scrolls on the tree results in a message saying "5 was the best.", a reference to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
      • Using exactly 5 Summoning scrolls on the tree results in the message "I used to be a woodcutter like you, until I took an arrow in the knee.", another reference to Skyrim.
    • Using an enchanted lyre on the tree results in the message "Respect your elders!"
    • Using white berries on one results in "How cordial.".
    • Using a ring of stone on a tree gives the message "I'd kiln for one of those".
  • With the release of the trees, a blank white area appeared next to the Exiled Kalphite Hive, which contained many Elder trees, crystal trees, elder pyre logs and funeral pyres. This was used to test the new trees before release.
  • The Elder tree north of the cabbage patch was removed on 11 December 2013 with the release of The Bird and the Beast before being added back six days later on 17 December 2013.
  • With the release of elder trees, the elder evil tree had its Woodcutting and Firemaking level requirements increased to level 90 each from 85. This was to match the requirements for the normal version of elder trees.