Elder Tree
Elder tree
Release date Unknown edit
Members Yes
Logs Elder logs
Cannot be grown
Examine The aged tree dominates with its huge presence.

An Elder tree is a high-levelled tree that members can cut for hefty amounts of Woodcutting experience. It requires at least level 90 in Woodcutting to do so.

The trees have a unique quality in which they are individually cut instead of shared between players. After 5 minutes of continued chopping, the tree is depleted of branches and becomes unavailable to the player on all worlds until it regrows. It takes roughly 10 minutes[1] of in-game time for the tree to completely regrow. While waiting for the tree to regrow, it is possible to cut another elder tree in a different location.

When cutting, the player will obtain 325 xp per set of elder logs, which can be fletched by high level fletchers into elder shortbows at level 90 Fletching, or Elder shieldbows at level 95 Fletching. These logs may also be burned by players with level 90 Firemaking for 435 xp.

Strong woodcutting urns do not get filled by elder logs. However, signs of the porter will transport them to the bank.

The Multichop special move of the Beaver does not work on Elder Trees. It will say: 'The elder tree is too tough for the beaver to chew through'.


Map Location Teleport

East of the Sorceror's Tower, or Northeast of Legends Guild

Fairy ring blr, Ardougne teleport, Ardougne lodestone
150px South of Yanille

Yanille lodestone, Watchtower teleport, Teleport to House (if your house is in Yanille), Yanille tablet

150px Northwest of Gnome Stronghold bank Due west of the Spirit tree in Tree Gnome Stronghold
150px South of Draynor Village bank Amulet of Glory, Draynor lodestone
150px North of Falador Farm, southeast of Falador. Explorer's ring, Falador teleport
150px South of Varrock, north of the Rat Pen, or west of East Varrock Mine. South of the Chaos altar (Zamorakian prayer altar). Varrock lodestone, Varrock teleport
150px Near magic trees, south west of Lletya Teleport crystal, Tirannwn lodestone
150px Piscatoris hunter area Phoenix lair teleport, Fairy ring akq, Eagles Peak lodestone
150px South of Edgeville, near the Stronghold of Safety. Edgeville lodestone, Amulet of Glory, Skull scepter
150px Directly south of Melzar's Maze, or west of POH Portal in Rimmington Rimmington tablet, Clan vexillum, Teleport to House (if your house is in Rimmngton), Skills necklace, Port sarim lodestone



  • There are a number of Easter eggs related to the Elder tree. These include:
    • Using compost on the tree gives the message "It's a nightmare to get out of the ground."
    • Using Blue flowers on the tree results in a message saying "Hmm, Elder Flowers."
    • Using any type of Summoning scrolls on the tree results in a message saying "5 was the best.", a reference to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
      • Using exactly 5 Summoning scrolls on the tree results in the message "I used to be a woodcutter like you, until I took an arrow in the knee.", another reference to Skyrim.
    • Using an Enchanted lyre on the tree results in the message "Respect your elders!"
    • Using White berries on one results in "How cordial.".
    • Using a ring of stone on a tree gives the message "I'd kiln for one of those.".
  • With the release of the trees, a blank white area appeared next to the Exiled Kalphite Hive, which contained many Elder trees, Crystal trees, Elder pyre logs and Funeral pyres. This was used to test the new trees before release[2].


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