Elder wisp
Elder wisp.png
Release date 6 May 2014 (Update)
Level 75
8.5 (17)
Energy Elder energy (421 coins)
Memory Elder memory
Location Elder Halls
A wisp of elder energy, harvestable by those with Divination level 75 or above.
Elder wisp location.png
Elder spring.png

An elder wisp is a wisp harvested in the Divination skill. Upon being harvested, it will transform into an elder spring from which elder memories and elder energy may be gathered. Completion of the quest Fate of the Gods is required to access these wisps.

Each harvest of an elder wisp yields 8.5 divination experience, 17 if an enriched elder memory is harvested.

The colour scheme appears to be based on the two gods who came from Freneskae, Seren (green-blue) and Zaros (purple).

Getting there

Using any of the following to get to the World Gate, and then teleporting to the Elder Hall on Freneskae.

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