Elemental rune detail

Elemental runes can replace the function of air, water, earth, or fire runes, hence this term can also refer to the class of runes used in Combat spells, see table below. They are unique runes used in the Barbarian Assault, Fist of Guthix, and Stealing Creation minigames. Each rune can act as either a single fire, air, water, or earth rune.

Rune type Runecrafting-icon RC level G.E. value
Air rune Air 1 90 Coins 25
Water rune Water 5 25 Coins 25
Earth rune Earth 9 18 Coins 25
Fire rune Fire 14 159 Coins 25

In Fist of Guthix

At the beginning of every Fist of Guthix minigame, each player receives 1,000 elemental runes, along with 300 catalytic runes. In Fist of Guthix, when players put elemental runes in the price checker, it says that they are worth 2 gold each, even though the runes cannot be brought outside of the minigame.

In Stealing Creation

Unlike Fist of Guthix, during the Stealing creation minigame players must make their own elemental runes as well as catalytic runes. These are processed in a special kiln from one of 5 grades of sacred clay and yield different amounts of runes. Players must have higher Runecrafting levels to process higher levels of sacred clay as shown in this table:

Class of clay Amount made Level to make
Class 1 15 Level 1 Runecrafting
Class 2 30 Level 20 Runecrafting
Class 3 45 Level 40 Runecrafting
Class 4 60 Level 60 Runecrafting
Class 5 75 Level 80 Runecrafting

In Barbarian Assault

In Barbarian Assault attackers can retrieve these runes from the Attacker dispenser stand.

In the Dominion Tower

If a player is fighting in the Dominion Tower and their opponent is one that requires them to use magic, elemental runes may be provided on the ground for use against the boss.

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