Staff of air equipped

A player carries an elemental staff.

Elemental staves provide an infinite amount of one or two of the basic elemental runes: air, water, earth, and fire. The staves come in four different types:

Surface world

Runes provided
F2P icon Basic P2P icon Battlestaves P2P icon Mystic staves P2P icon Limitless staves
Magic-icon level 1
Magic-icon accuracy 150
Magic-icon level 30
Magic-icon accuracy 454
Magic-icon level 40
Magic-icon accuracy 628
Magic-icon level 82
Magic-icon accuracy 2022
Air rune Air Staff of air Staff of air Air battlestaff Air battlestaff Mystic air staff Mystic air staff Staff of limitless air Staff of limitless air
Water rune Water Staff of water Staff of water Water battlestaff Water battlestaff Mystic water staff Mystic water staff Staff of limitless water Staff of limitless water
Earth rune Earth Staff of earth Staff of earth Earth battlestaff Earth battlestaff Mystic earth staff Mystic earth staff Staff of limitless earth Staff of limitless earth
Fire rune Fire Staff of fire Staff of fire Fire battlestaff Fire battlestaff Mystic fire staff Mystic fire staff Staff of limitless fire Staff of limitless fire
Mud rune Water & Earth
Or Mud
N/A Mud battlestaff Mud battlestaff Mystic mud staff Mystic mud staff Staff of limitless mud Staff of limitless mud
Steam rune Water & Fire
Or Steam
Steam battlestaff Steam battlestaff Mystic steam staff Mystic steam staff Staff of limitless steam Staff of limitless steam
Lava rune Earth & Fire
Or Lava
Lava battlestaff Lava battlestaff Mystic lava staff Mystic lava staff Staff of limitless lava Staff of limitless lava
Elemental runeAll four N/A Elemental battlestaff Elemental battlestaff N/A N/A


  • Although not listed in the table above, Animal staffs are a possible reward from Elite clue scrolls and require: Defence 20, Magic 40, Attack 40 and Prayer 60 to equip, also giving an accuracy of 628 equal to Mystic staffs.
  • Shade skull - All staves listed in the table above can be graphically changed by adding a Shade skull to it. This will result in Skeletal staves; Skeletal battlestaves; and Necromancer's staves, respectively.
  • The Professor chathead (female) - The Lightning staffs also provide infinite Air runes and are available in four stages:
    1. Lightning staff 1 level 1, with 10 accuracy;
    2. Lightning staff 2 level 20, with 316 accuracy;
    3. Lightning staff 3 level 40, with 628 accuracy; and
    4. Lightning staff 4 level 60, with 1132 accuracy.
  • Armadyl battlestaff - The Armadyl battlestaff also provides infinite Air runes, requires level 77 Magic to wield and has an accuracy of 1783.
  • Dominion staff - The Dominion staff can only be used within the Dominion Tower and requires at least level 90 Magic to use, among other Dominion Tower requirements. It will give an infinite supply of all elemental runes and has an accuracy of 2458.
  • Mindspikes provide infinite elemental runes aligned to their element, and have a higher accuracy than standard elemental staves.
  • Caitlin's staff provides infinite air runes and is more accurate than a staff of air.
  • Avernic wand is a one handed Magic weapon that provides unlimited supply of air runes. 
  • Tome of frost is an off-hand Magic weapon that provides unlimited supply of water runes. 
  • Camel staff, a level 85 staff, provides an unlimited supply of fire runes. 
  • Mystical staff provides infinite earth, fire and water runes if unlocked at the Build-A-Fayre event.


Runes provided
F2P icon Basic staffs  P2P icon Empowered P2P icon Celestial
Staff Magic level Magic accuracy Staff Magic level Magic accuracy Staff Magic level Magic accuracy
Water rune Water Water staff (Dungeoneering) Water 1 50Empowered water staff Water 50 704 N/A
Earth rune Earth Earth staff (Dungeoneering) Earth 10 100 Empowered earth staff Earth 60 1147
Fire rune Fire Fire staff (Dungeoneering) Fire 20 163 Empowered fire staff Fire 70 1486
Air rune Air Air staff (Dungeoneering) Air 30 266 Empowered air staff Air 80 1924
Elemental rune

All four

Catalytic staff Catalytic 40 477 Empowered catalytic staff Catalytic 90 2577 Celestial catalytic staff Catalytic 99 3031
Grave creeper staff Grave creeper 90 2458
Doomcore staff Doomcore 83 2074 N/A
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