Elite Dungeons are a set of dungeons that function similar to Raids. The first elite dungeon, Temple of Aminishi, was released on 25 June 2018 as part of a set of three dungeons with the same narrative. Further dungeons will be separate from each other.[1]

There are two modes; "normal" mode (which is a standard play of the dungeon), and "story" mode, in which all enemies in the dungeon have 50% less health and deal 66% less damage, but most achievements cannot be completed nor do the enemies drop anything apart from the bosses, who only have an increased drop rate of lore books.

While teams can attempt the dungeons in groups anywhere from 1-3 players, solo mode offers the best reward capability while groups offer better experience and/or token rates. Bosses fought in group encounters are less likely to drop unique rewards and tend to drop less valuable loot compared to those in solo encounters.

Elite dungeons are indicated on the world map with this icon (Demon flash mobs map icon.png).

The enemies of these dungeons are significantly different compared to other common mobs in Gielinor; when an enemy spots a player, all other enemies in the vicinity will turn hostile and attack the team. Most enemies either use abilities (like Prifddinas elves) or have special traits. One common trait shared between most monsters is that they are aggressive towards the player closest to them, regardless if distant players have Incite or use Provoke. Like the demon boss and WildyWyrm, damaging monsters makes players eligible for rewards even if they did not deal the majority of damage.

There are mini-bosses in each dungeon. Like the bosses themselves, each mini-boss will yield 5000 Dungeoneering tokens upon death in normal mode and 500 tokens in story mode.

The final boss of each elite dungeon can be assigned as a potential Soul Reaper assignment. The bosses have both "normal" and "hard mode" kill counts; a "normal" kill consists of killing the boss while in a group of two or more (even if fighting solo), while a "hard" kill is killing the boss in a solo encounter.

Dying in the dungeons, regardless of setting, are considered unsafe deaths.

Elite dungeons use a chest-looting format like the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. It is automatically set to auto-loot, in which defeated enemies automatically drop their rewards into the chest. Players can disable this feature and have a 20% chance for drops to be doubled. It can hold up to 30 different rewards, and excess rewards will be dropped on the ground instead and can be doubled even if the auto-loot feature is active, but at a reduced rate.[2]The elite dungeons share the same reward chest. These chests also serve as quick-teleports, allowing players to quickly transfer throughout the dungeon.

Using elite sirenic armour or elite tectonic armour in the dungeons will not degrade them, making them the best armour for use in the dungeon.

List of Elite Dungeons

Temple of Aminishi

Main article: Temple of Aminishi

Temple of Aminishi

The Temple of Aminishi is the first elite dungeon, released on 25 June 2018. It features 3 bosses: the Sanctum Guardian, Masuta the Ascended, and Seiryu the Azure Serpent. The dungeon is inside the Temple of Aminishi which is located on the island of Aminishi and only requires completion of Impressing the Locals to access. The island can be accessed via a boat from Port Sarim.

Rewards from the dungeon include ancient scales, materials which are required to upgrade sirenic armour into its elite variant, Masuta's warspear, a tier 82 halberd-type weapon, and seasinger, Tetsu sword upgrade kits, and Death lotus extract which upgrades the ports weapons from tier 85 to 88. [3] Cosmetics are also available including a Sakadagami outfit.

Dragonkin Laboratory

Main article: Dragonkin Laboratory

Dragonkin Laboratory

The Dragonkin Laboratory is the second elite dungeon, released on 13 August 2018. To access the laboratory, at least one completion of the Temple of Aminishi elite dungeon is required. Similar to the first elite dungeon, it features multiple bosses: Astellarn, Verak Lith, and the Black Stone Dragon. The laboratory is located in the Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins, but the area is safe, and teleports are available to quickly access the area. [4] Unlike the the Temple of Aminishi, which is divided into multiple sections, the laboratory is contained within one full map.

Rewards from the dungeon include draconic energy, materials which are required to upgrade tectonic armour to its elite variant, and three codices to upgrade the Fury, Flurry and Barge abilities into their mutated counterparts.

The Shadow Reef

Main article: Shadow Reef

The Shadow Reef is the third elite dungeon, released on 25 February 2019. The third elite dungeon is tied to the Pieces of Hate quest; however, it is not a requirement to access the dungeon.[5] As with the first two elite dungeons, it features multiple bosses: The Crassian Leviathan, Taraket the Necromancer, and The Ambassador. The dungeon is divided into multiple areas.

Rewards from the dungeon include eldritch crossbow, a tier 92 two-handed crossbow, black stone arrows, tier 92 arrows, and three sigils. There are also pets available to collect.

Elite Dungeon reward shops

All shops are operated by Bryll Thoksdottir and use Dungeoneering tokens as its currency.

Elite Dungeon Reward Shop

The Elite Dungeon Reward Shop is located south of Daemonheim near the Daemonheim Rewards shop. It sells general (elite) Dungeoneering related rewards.

Elite Dungeon Aminishi Reward Shop

The Elite Dungeon Aminishi Reward Shop is located on the southern beach of Aminishi, just east of the ship, near the stairs. It sells Temple of Aminishi themed rewards.

Dragonkin Laboratory Reward Shop

The Dragonkin Laboratory Reward Shop is located near the entrance to the Dragonkin Laboratory. It sells Dragonkin Laboratory themed rewards.


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