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Elite Trapper Outfits is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.

Elite Trapper Outfits is a Treasure Hunter promotion originally released in August 2017.

Available prizes

Day 1: Desert trapper outfit pieces

Desert trapper head
Desert trapper chest
Desert trapper legguards
Desert trapper arms
Desert trapper boots

Day 2: Arctic trapper outfit pieces

Arctic trapper head
Arctic trapper chest
Arctic trapper legguards
Arctic trapper arms
Arctic trapper boots

Day 3: Jungle trapper outfit pieces

Jungle trapper head
Jungle trapper chest
Jungle trapper legguards
Jungle trapper arms
Jungle trapper boots

Day 4-6

All of the above.

Release history

Elite Trapper Outfits (edit)
Start Date End Date Update/Promo
23 August 2017 28 August 2017 Volcanic Trapper - Elite Hunter Outfit


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