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Elite skills is an upcoming type of skill. It was been mentioned in the 11 June 2015 podcast.[1]

Elite skills require two or more other core skills to be a certain level, around level 80, in order to be unlocked. Once it is unlocked, it is possible to level through them just like one would with regular skills. They are meant as end-game content and as combination skills. Elite skills are additions to the later levels of already existing skills, but will very likely be counted as a separate skill. They will count to total level and experience, and will show up in the stats interface.

Elite skills will have a level range from 1 to 120, and true mastery in the skill will be an experience amount above level 120. As with Dungeoneering, they need to be levelled to 99 to be able to equip the max cape, and to 120 to be able to equip the completionist cape.

The experience difference between elite skill levels will be flat, rather than the exponential growth of normal skills.

Invention is going to be the first elite skill, being a combination between Smithing, Crafting and Divination. This would mean it would become the second skill to have a real level 120, after Dungeoneering. Potentially, more elite skills will be added after Invention.

In a forum post[2] on 2 July, 2015 Mod Timbo posted that they have more ideas for elite skills and that in 2016 there will be more elite skills with Necromancy (Prayer, Magic and Summoning), Archaeology (Mining, Thieving, Hunter and Construction) and Sailing (Construction, Fletching, Crafting and Agility) having been suggested. Mod Timbo also stated that elite skills won't replace regular skills, regular skills will not be turned into elite skills, elite skills will start at level 1, and that the other skills might be raised to 120 in the future.


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