Ellemar was a Saradominist demonologist who performed demonic rituals. He read tomes on demon lore in order to better understand the race so that they could be fought more effectively, despite the fact that this had been forbidden by the Church of Saradomin.

At some point, Ellemar read about the weather demon Agrith Naar and discovered that he would not be able to exercise his powers on Gielinor if he were to be removed from Infernus. Therefore he and seven other people performed a summoning ritual, which was successful. With great effort they managed to imprison Agrith Naar in a cage but were unable to slay him. Because the cage was steadily weakening, they decided to trap the demon inside a human body, the result of which was Denath.

The Church of Saradomin soon found out about Ellemar's actions and charged him with them, after which he was executed.

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