Elnock Inquisitor chathead

Elnock Inquisitor is a gnome whom players need to speak to in order to start the Impetuous Impulses minigame. He will also supply players with a butterfly net, and 6 impling jars to start them off. Players may also trade Elnock certain jarred implings in return for objects such as imp repellent, a magic butterfly net, a jar generator, or empty impling jars. If players lose any of the original equipment he gave them, they may reclaim it from him. He also runs Elnock's Backup Supply, a store that sells ten impling jars a day for one coin each. Since the update on 22 February 2010 you can store imp repellent, a butterfly net (or magic net) and a maximum of 127 impling jars.

Elnock's Exchange

Elnock's Exchange.

Elnock's Equipment storage

Elnock's Equipment storage.

Elnock's Exchange
Trade these implingsItem
3 Baby, 2 Young, 1 GourmetImp repellent
3 Gourmet, 2 Earth, 1 EssenceMagic butterfly net
3 Essence, 2 Eclectic, 1 NatureJar generator
1 of any impling type3 Impling jars


  • Elnock was among the first gnomes to have an updated chathead before the graphical update of 9 February 2011.
  • The icon for exchanging empty impling jars looks a bit like a ninja impling.
  • Fairy Aeryka apparently thinks his name is "Egg-nog".
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