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Eluned Ithell is an elf travelling with Islwyn, teleporting between the south-western magic trees outside Lletya and the clearing north-east of the Tyras Camp. If she is not in one spot in a given world, it is possible to hop worlds until you find her. After completing Plague's End, she takes up permanent residence in the Ithell district of Prifddinas as well as in the forest. After The Light Within, she is replaced by Islwyn and cannot be found ingame.

She has roles in many quests. In Roving Elves, she explains elven burial customs and enchants a seed. She is also the starting point of Mourning's End Part I, informing the player that Arianwyn wants them, and The Light Within, asking the player for help in reforming the goddess Seren.


Eluned was first created during the Third Age with her twin sister Haluned by Seren to spy on the world of Gielinor. When Seren shattered herself at the end of the Third Age, she took the positive aspects of Seren, while Haluned took the negative aspects. During the next two ages she stayed with the elves in Tirannwn and forgot her identity, eventually ending up travelling with the elf Islwyn. During this time she perfected the art of crystal singing and by year 169 of the Fifth Age could sing crystal Weapons and crystal teleport seeds without the need of a crystal singing bowl. She met and aided an adventurer in properly respecting the site where Glarial was buried, and later informed them when their aid was needed by elven rebels. When Prifddinas was reformed, she moved there and stayed in the Ithell district, where she helped create crystal equipment from seeds.

The Light Within quest

At the start of The Light Within quest when the city started to shake due to parts of it being created from Seren, she turned to the adventurer she had aided previously, asking for their help in reforming the goddess. During the adventurer's subsequent investigation, they discovered that Eluned was a part of Seren. The player has a choice:

  • sacrifice Eluned to fully restore Seren, or
  • keep Eluned alive. Seren could be reformed without Eluned. If Eluned is left out of the restoration and allowed to lead her own life, she leaves Prifddinas and travels to Tarddiad with the aim of helping the Crystal Shapeshifters and Angof and restoring the land to its former glory. She leaves Islwyn a letter for the adventurer, explaining her choice.
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If you lose your newly made crystal during the Mourning's End Part II quest, Eluned is called on by Arianwyn to replace it.

After completion of Within The Light, Eluned can teach the player how to enchant the crystal teleport seed further, thus enabling it to teleport the player to the Temple of Light. Talking to her with a charged crystal teleport seed in inventory adds a right-click option to teleport outside the Temple of Light or to Lletya. However, this dialogue only occurs when you find Eluned travelling among the forest. You won't see this dialogue if you talk to her in Prifddinas. This teleport is very useful for reaching the Dark beasts near the Temple as well as the rune rocks.

After Plague's End she will be able to do numerous crystal singing in Prifddinas tasks for a fee :

  • Recharging crystal teleport seeds (prices as below).
  • Recharging crystal equipment.
  • Creating crystal equipment - including items released with Prifddinas such as the crystal staff - requiring a crystal weapon seed and a fee (ranging from 1,000,000 to 200,000 coins in similar fashion to the teleport seeds).
  • Reverting crystal equipment to seed form - this service is free, but there is no refund for the lost charges.

To acquire the Temple of Light teleport after completion of The Light Within you will need to speak to Islwyn in Prifddinas.

Recharge costs

At the start of Mourning's End Part I she will give the player a crystal teleport seed and recharge it for 150-750 coins but only if the seed is out of charges. She will also charge more than one at the same time and if you have not recharged your 5th yet she will tell you the prices of the 1st - 5th crystal she recharges and it will act just as if you recharged them one by one.

Recharge # Cost
1st 750
2nd 600
3rd 450
4th 300
5th+ 150



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