The elven clan capes are capes signifying each elven clan. They are bought from each clan's elven clan herald in Prifddinas for 1,000,000 coins. Once all eight capes are bought, players are awarded the title [Name] the Elven and the capes can be combined into the master clan cape.

The capes of the first four clans, Cadarn, Crwys, Iorwerth and Trahaearn, were released with the first batch of Prifddinas on 22 September 2014. The capes of the last four clans, Amlodd, Hefin, Ithell and Meilyr, were released with the second batch of Prifddinas on 10 November 2014.

The elven clan capes can be stored on the cape rack in a player-owned house.


Clan Cape Herald
Amlodd Clan Clan Amlodd cape Clan Amlodd cape Amlodd herald
Cadarn Clan Clan Cadarn cape Clan Cadarn cape Cadarn herald
Crwys Clan Clan Crwys cape Clan Crwys cape Crwys herald
Hefin Clan Clan Hefin cape Clan Hefin cape Hefin herald
Iorwerth Clan Clan Iorwerth cape Clan Iorwerth cape Iorwerth herald
Ithell Clan Clan Ithell cape Clan Ithell cape Ithell herald
Meilyr Clan Clan Meilyr cape Clan Meilyr cape Meilyr herald
Trahaearn Clan Clan Trahaearn cape Clan Trahaearn cape Trahaearn herald
N/A Master clan cape Master clan cape N/A


Elf City - Elven Clan capes concept art

Concept art for the elven clan capes

There were plans to make a combination cape with the wolven motif as seen in the concept image of the capes (the fourth cape on the upper row). As of the update on 12 January 2015 players can now combine all eight capes into one master clan cape as mentioned in the patch notes.

The first cape on the upper row in the concept art used to be the Cadarn cape, but its design was changed because it looked too similar to a Saradominist cape.

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