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Elven clan workers are elves found in the eight districts of Prifddinas. They can be pickpocketed for various loots starting at 91 Thieving, and are noteworthy of dropping hard and elite clues at a fairly frequent rate. Experience is increased by 20% when the Voice of Seren is in the clan's district. Boosts may be used if the player does not have the required Thieving level.

Unlike most other pickpocket targets, elven workers are automatically pickpocketed, so there is no need to continually click on the target to pickpocket from them.

There are three "strikes" when pickpocketing the workers:

  • Strike one - the worker will say What was that? and a game message will appear stating You have raised Clan (name) suspicions. 1 out of 3 strikes.
  • Strike two - the worker will say What are you doing? and a game message will appear stating Clan (name) is starting to notice your sneaky ways. 2 out of 3 strikes. They'll catch you the next time.
  • Strike three - the worker will say You think clan (name) is easily fooled? We will be watching you (player name). and a game message will appear stating that Oh dear, they've caught you and they've warned the rest of clan (name). All workers of that clan will be alert of the player and cannot be pickpocketed for 20 minutes.

During the first two strikes, players cannot pickpocket from the target that caught them for a brief amount of time; attempting to do so will state that they are too alert to be pickpocketed from. Upon getting the first strike, the player's chances of getting caught again will drastically increase.

Players are usually expected to have around 5-7 minutes of pickpocketing for each clan's workers with Crystal Mask.

After 20 minutes have passed from the third strike, a message will appear stating Clan (name) has forgotten about your pickpocketing., and they can be pickpocketed from again.

Worker Thieving XP VoS XP
Iorwerth worker 91 125 150
Ithell worker 92 130 156
Cadarn worker 93 135 162
Amlodd worker 94 140 168
Trahaearn worker 95 145 174
Hefin worker 96 150 180
Crwys worker 97 155 186
Meilyr worker 98 170 204

Best experience

The form below will create a table of worker experience, sorted from best to worst, based on your Thieving level and the current Voice of Seren.

 template  = Elven worker
 form      = xForm
 result    = xResult
 param     = level|Level|99|int
 param     = vos1|Voice 1|Amlodd|select|Amlodd,Cadarn,Crwys,Hefin,Iorwerth,Ithell,Meilyr,Trahaearn
 param     = vos2|Voice 2|Cadarn|select|Amlodd,Cadarn,Crwys,Hefin,Iorwerth,Ithell,Meilyr,Trahaearn
 param     = boost|Abyssal lurker?|No|select|No,Yes
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