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Emmett Logowski is one of the roaming firemakers involved in the quest The Firemaker's Curse. He is a former Circus performer, but left after an incident, though he hopes to return.[1][2] He wants to learn how to gain greater control over fire and becomes its master.[3][4] He has a habit of self-combustion when he gets excited. Despite his obsession with fire, he's considered to be relatively harmless.[5]

During the quest, he is possessed by Char and forced to kill Phoenix, a fellow firemaker. He becomes paranoid and wracked with guilt, thinking he's being accused when asked about his suspicions.[6][7] The only time when he does not react as such when asked who is being possessed is when he's possessed a second time. After the quest, he goes to request that he be allowed to rejoin the circus, and the survivors decide to help him.[8] Afterwards, he can be found running the flaming poi section at the circus. He has a flaming poi performance named after him, the Big E.

He also features in the Celebration of Fire in the Lumbridge Crater, along with his fire dancers; Poi Dancers, and Fire Breathers. He hands out fire poi.




  • His name and examine text are a reference to Doctor Emmett Brown from Back to the Future and Emmet Brickowski from The Lego Movie.
    • This also explains the difference between his name in the circus, Emmett (two t's), and his name at the Celebration of Fire event, Emmet (one t).
  • The conversation with him also references The Lego Movie.


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