Enchant Bakriminel Bolt (Pearl)
Pearl bakriminel bolts 5
Release date 22 January 2018 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 92
Spellbook Normal
Type Enchantment
Experience 122.5
Runes 1Blood rune1Cosmic rune2Water rune
Enchant bolts
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Enchant Bakriminel Bolt (Pearl) is a spell that can be used to enchant 10 pearl bakriminel bolts into enchanted pearl bakriminel bolts. These enchanted bolts have a 5% chance of triggering the Sea Curse effect, which deals 15% more damage to enemies weak to water, but 15% less on enemies weak to fire. In PvP, the bolts will turns off the target's run, forcing them to walk.

Completing the Seers' Village Elite Tasks inreases the chance to 7% that the special effect occurs.


2Water rune1Cosmic rune1Blood rune1,140
Combo runes
1Cosmic rune1Blood rune2Mud rune2,826
1Cosmic rune1Blood rune2Steam rune3,088
1Cosmic rune1Blood rune2Mist rune3,416
1Cosmic rune1Blood runeStaff of water1,090
1Cosmic rune1Blood runeMud battlestaff1,090
1Cosmic rune1Blood runeSteam battlestaff1,090
1Cosmic rune1Blood runeElemental battlestaff1,090
1Cosmic rune1Blood runeMystical staff (75)1,090
1Cosmic rune1Blood runeAvernic wandTome of frost1,090
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