This article is about the tablet. For the spell, see Lvl-6 Enchant.
Enchant onyx detail

The enchant onyx tablet is an item that can be used by any player to enchant onyx and hydrix jewellery. This tablet does not work on alchemical onyx jewellery. Players can create this item on a mahogany demon lectern as long as they have 1 cosmic rune, 20 earth runes, 20 fire runes, and 1 soft clay, and at least level 87 Magic.

This tablet can be made regardless of the player's current spell book.

This can be an efficient, and somewhat cheap, way to level up Magic, providing one owns a lava battlestaff; the staff will quickly pay for itself.

Types of jewellery

Unenchanted Enchanted Profit
Onyx ring Onyx ring Ring of fortune Ring of fortune 534,841
Onyx necklace Onyx necklace Berserker necklace Berserker necklace -28,303
Onyx bracelet Onyx bracelet Regen bracelet Regen bracelet -308,613
Onyx amulet Onyx amulet Amulet of fury Amulet of fury 763,623
Hydrix ring Hydrix ring Ring of death Ring of death 5,085,929
Hydrix necklace Hydrix necklace Reaper necklace Reaper necklace 4,656,779
Hydrix bracelet Hydrix bracelet Deathtouch bracelet Deathtouch bracelet 3,989,013
Hydrix amulet Hydrix amulet Amulet of souls Amulet of souls 3,495,998


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