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Enchanted key is a two-part miniquest that uses the item of the same name to find hidden treasures after Making History and Meeting History. There are 11 treasure sites in each part of the miniquest. The main rewards of the miniquest are the Guthix mjolnir, Saradomin mjolnir, and Zamorak mjolnir.

The treasures from Making History must be looted before being able to loot the ones from Meeting History.

Completing this miniquest is a requirement for obtaining the trimmed completionist cape and master quest cape.


Start pointQuest map icon.png Use the enchanted key after Making History.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyNone
Official lengthShort
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
Enemies to defeat
  • None

Making History

The first treasure site will always be Fremennik Province. After that, all other locations are at a random order for each player (random as in that before you can loot the one in Ardougne Monastery, you will need to loot the one in Al-Kharid). There are a total of 11 treasure sites to be found. Remember, these are not exact spots (Example: Body altar means actually near Dwarf mine entrance).

Area Getting there Location Coords Loot Map
Rellekka Fairy ring CJR
Enchanted lyre teleport
Rellekka house portal
Just north/northwest of the Agility shortcut to the Sinclair Mansion 13° 56' N
8° 43' E
20 Steel arrow.png Steel arrow
10 Mithril Stone Spirit
15 Law rune.png Law rune
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Ardougne Monastery Ardougne cloak 1/2/3/4
Fairy ring DJP
West of the bush located northeast of the Bush patch north of the Monastery near the broken cart 2° 28' N
5° 24' E
36 Pure essence.png Pure essence
15 Iron Stone Spirit
20 Fire rune.png Fire rune
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Outpost Eagle's peak lodestone
Sixth-Age circuit teleport to the World Gate
South of the southernmost gnome bench, northwest of the outpost 6° 54' N
0° 45' W
40 Pure essence.png Pure essence
20 Iron arrowheads.png Iron arrowheads
20 Fire rune.png Fire runes
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Gnome Stronghold Spirit tree teleport
Gnome glider to Ta Quir Priw
In the Gnome Stronghold, north of the bank and just northeast of some mushrooms. Not to be confused with the West Ardougne location, which is just outside the stronghold 8° 54' N
0° 15' E
39 Pure essence.png Pure essence
20 Iron arrowheads.png Iron arrowheads
30 Water rune.png Water runes
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Body altar Edgeville/Falador lodestone
Skull sceptre teleport
Directly west of the body altar, near the dirt road in between the body altar and the dwarven mine 8° 33' N
18° 30' E
10 Mithril Stone Spirit

15 Iron Stone Spirit
45 Earth rune.png Earth rune

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Wayne's Chains Port Sarim lodestone
Clan vexillum teleport
In the Clan Camp, just west of the large private meeting tent, south of Wayne's Chains 4° 20' N
16° 31' E
15 Earth rune.png Earth runes
20 Iron arrow.png Iron arrows
Saradomin mjolnir.png Saradomin mjolnir
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Mudskipper Point Fairy ring AIQ Northeast of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon and southeast of Endwyr, Emissary of Seren 0° 5' S
17° 58' E
15 Iron Ore Spirits
20 Mithril arrow.png Mithril arrows
15 Death rune.png Death rune
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Shattered Worlds entrance Lumbridge lodestone
Amulet of glory teleport to Draynor
North of Shattered Worlds 0° 15' S
22° 37' E
29 Pure essence.png Pure essence
20 Mind rune.png Mind runes
20 Steel arrow.png Steel arrows
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Al Kharid Duelling ring to Duel Arena
Al Kharid lodestone
Between the ponds and the small obelisk, west of the Duel Arena 2° 35' N
26° 56' E
40 Pure essence.png Pure essence
10 Mithril Stone Spirits
Zamorak mjolnir.png Zamorak mjolnir
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Exam Centre Digsite pendant
Varrock teleport
Gnome glider to Lemanto Andra
West of the Exam Centre, on the road heading north from the T-junction 5° 33' N
26° 54' E
40 Pure essence.png Pure essence
15 Iron Stone Spirits
Guthix mjolnir.png Guthix mjolnir
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Grand Exchange Ring of wealth/Ring of fortune
Varrock lodestone
West/southwest of the tent in the middle of the Grand Exchange 10° 18' N
22° 26' E
39 Pure essence.png Pure essence
10 Mithril arrow.png Mithril arrows
15 Law rune.png Law runes
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Meeting History

The rewards always follow the following pattern. The order of the treasures is not random.

Area Getting there Location Coords Loot Map
1. Gnomeball field Gnome glider to Ta Quir Priw
Spirit tree to the Grand Tree
South of the gnome ball field, 4 steps west of crystal tree 9° 45' N
1° 3' W
3 Gold charm.png Gold charms
15 Law rune.png Law runes
20 Mithril arrow.png Mithril arrows
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2. Shantay Pass Amulet of glory
Al Kharid lodestone
Broomstick to Sorceress's Garden
Shantay Pass, 3 steps west of the musician 1° 5' S
26° 58' E
3 Gold charm.png Gold charms
10 Pure essence.png Pure essence
3 Uncut sapphire.png Uncut sapphires
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3. Brimhaven Karamja lodestone West of the lake west of Brimhaven 0° 9' N
8° 43' E
1 Green charm.png Green charm
5 Cosmic rune.png Cosmic runes
2 Uncut emerald.png Uncut emeralds
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4. Wilderness Edgeville/Wilderness lodestone
Ring of wealth/Ring of fortune to GE
South of Chaos tunnel entrance in level 4 Wilderness, north of Grand Exchange 12° 5' N
22° 41' E
1 Green charm.png Green charm
10 Pure essence.png Pure essence
1 Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby
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5. Tai Bwo Wannai Karamja lodestone
Spirit graahk teleport
Fairy ring CKR
Karamja gloves 3, Wicked hood teleport to Nature Altar
Mine east of Tai Bwo Wannai. This is the one near the Small obelisk, NOT the Shilo gem mine! 3° 56' S
12° 45' E
2 Green charm.png Green charms
10 Cosmic rune.png Cosmic runes
30 Mithril arrow.png Mithril arrows
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6. Feldip Hills Oo'glog lodestone
Fairy ring AKS
Gnome glider to Lemantolly Undri (requires One Small Favour)
West of Hunting expert 7° 26' S
2° 26' E
30 Gold charm.png Gold charms
1 Crimson charm.png Crimson charm
15 Nature rune.png Nature runes
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7. Agility Pyramid Pharaoh's sceptre teleport to Jaleustrophos
Desert amulet 2 (or higher)
magic carpet to Pollnivneach/Sophanem
In the desert east of Sophanem, south of the Agility Pyramid 11° 26' S
28° 35' E
1 Crimson charm.png Crimson charm
5 Death runes
2 Uncut ruby.png Uncut rubies
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8. Bandit Camp (Wilderness) Wilderness obelisk North of the Bandit Camp in Level 27 Wilderness, just east of the Wilderness obelisk 17° 50' N
18° 56' E
2 Crimson charm.png Crimson charms
3 Uncut emerald.png Uncut emeralds
15 Chaos rune.png Chaos runes
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9. Daemonheim Ancient Magicks teleport to Carrallangar
Ring of kinship teleport to Daemonheim
Level 20 Wilderness southeast of Clan Wars, past the black salamander hunter area, just east of the green dragons 16° 3' N
28° 45' E
1 Blue charm.png Blue charm
20 Pure essence.png Pure essence
5 Gold bar.png Gold bars
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10. Death Plateau Burthorpe lodestone
Games necklace to Troll Invasion (Climbing boots not needed)
Just north of the thrower trolls on Death Plateau, on the ridge that you access through Sabbot's cave, continue toward the entrance to the Death Plateau 13° 56' N
13° 30' E
1 Blue charm.png Blue charm
20 Pure essence.png Pure essence
10 Blood rune.png Blood runes
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11. Scorpion Pit Teleport lever in Ardougne or Edgeville, go east towards the Scorpion Pit (beware of the Chaos Elemental which resides nearby) Level 53 Wilderness, middle of the Scorpion Pit east of the magic axe hut 24° 30' N
25° 0' E
2 Blue charm.png Blue charms
15 Gold bar.png Gold bars
10 Death rune.png Death runes
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Congratulations, miniquest complete!


Making History


  • 60 Iron Stone Spirits
  • 30 Mithril Stone Spirits

Runes & essence:

Arrows and arrowtips:

Unique god spears:

All these rewards add up to 303,928 coins, presuming they are sold on G.E. for the current market price.

Meeting History

Runes and essence:





All these rewards add up to 88,923 coins, presuming they are sold on G.E. for the current market price.

Re-obtaining the mjolnirs

After the player completes the miniquest, they can pay Jorral 6,000 coins to hunt the mjolnirs again, but only if they do not own any mjolnirs. In that case, the player will find the Guthix mjolnir, Saradomin mjolnir, and Zamorak mjolnir in that order before the key disappears again. The mjolnirs are all found in their original locations, but the secondary rewards that were originally with them will not be found again. This cycle can be repeated as many times as the player wants. If the player logs out or loses connection before obtaining all three mjolnirs, the key will need to be paid for again.

(One of) the fastest ways of obtaining the mjolnirs would be to start by teleporting to Jorral using a traveller's necklace; Teleporting to the Al Kharid mine using a Dungeoneering skillcape (option 0 - 5) or a hoardstalker ring for the Guthix mjolnir; then teleporting to the clan camp using a clan vexilium for the Saradomin mjolnir, and finally teleporting to the duel arena using a ring of duelling for the Zamorak mjolnir. It's possible to get over 40 mjolnir sets per hour using this method.


  • Banking History (RuneScore.png 25) - Find all hidden treasures from the 'Making History' quest.
    • Despite the game guide saying the player only has to find the rewards from Making History, both the rewards from Making History and Meeting History must be found for these unlocks.


  • The coin rewards from the Meeting History treasures are some of the few examples in which money is not added directly to the money pouch.