Enchanted key quest series is a series of quests involving the enchanted key.


Jorral chathead Making History

Making History
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A secluded outpost has served the City of Ardougne for generations, playing stage to many exceptional events. Its current occupant wants to employ your skills to construct its true history before time runs out and history itself is wiped away!

Enchanted key (Meeting History) detail Meeting History

Meeting history
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Jorral has discovered more information about the weird yet wonderful enchanted key. Where this historical information will lead is a mystery, but one thing is certain: it'll be no ordinary search for clues from the past.

The Light Within icon The Light Within

The Light Within
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The Light Within's sprawling story will see you helping the elven elders to find and reunite the Seren Shards – the scattered remnants left when the goddess sacrificed herself to save her faithful.

Travel across Gielinor and beyond – to the elven homeworld of Tarddiad. Expect fiendish puzzles, challenging combat and some truly tough choices. Whatever the outcome, your part in these events will be pivotal in the ongoing saga of Gielinor's Sixth Age.

Items Required

Making History

Meeting History

The Light Within



  • 1,000 Crafting experience
  • 1,000 Prayer experience
  • An old tome giving a total of 2,500 experience across up to 3 skills with level 25 or higher (1,000 experience for the first chapter, 1,000 experience for the second, and 500 experience for the third).
  • Lamps granting 90,000 experience in Agility, Crafting, Herblore, Prayer, Slayer, Woodcutting, and Divination



Music unlocked

Making History

  • None

Meeting History

The Light Within