Enchanted vial detail
Enchanting vials

A player enchanting vials using a binding book.

An enchanted vial is made by using the Binding book on an empty glass vial. It is used to hold holy water during and after Legends' Quest. Enchanted vials cannot be used as normal vials. After the quest, the Binding book can be obtained in a Player-owned house bookcase (where it is called the Book of Binding).

Being under the influence of an overload potion is also an effective way of retaining magic levels, as it will automatically boost magic every few ticks.

Locations of banks near prayer altars (or other prayer restoration) are:

  • At Daemonheim (Going in and out of dungeons restores both prayer and magic.)
  • By the Duel Arena (There are 2 bank chests and an altar by the hospital.)
  • In the keep of a Clan Citadel of tier 5 or greater (There is an altar next to the Head Guard.)
  • In Oo'glog (The sulphur spring restores prayer after As a First Resort.)
  • In Varrock (There is a church north of the east bank.)
  • In Seers' Village (There is a church south of the bank.)
  • At the Grand Exchange (Use Citharede robes and the musician to restore prayer.)
  • In Prifddinas (use the Ithell bank chest and the POH portal for an altar, or bank at the Tower of Voices use the Elven Grimoire to restore prayer and magic).
  • In Prifddinas In the Max Guild ("Admire" the Throne of Fame to restore prayer. While on the upper balcony, there are a few spaces, parallel to the northern railing directly behind the bankers, where a player can access the bank without the need to run downstairs or to the bonfire to the west)

Enchanted vials can be made in quantities up to 10 at a time, depending on the amount of vials in inventory and prayer/magic levels remaining. Up to 10 vials can be filled with water from a blessed gold bowl to make holy water. Holy water is a usually weak ranged weapon and is only effective on demons. See the holy water article for the complete process.


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