Enchantment is the magic enhancement of an item, generally a form of jewellery, although bolts and orbs can also be enchanted. Enchantment spells always require Cosmic runes, and one or more kind of elemental rune (fire, water, air or earth.)

Enchantment spells are always found in the normal spellbook, not in the Lunar or Ancient spellbooks. Crossbow Bolt Enchanting is member-only, and f2ps may only enchant amulet jewellery.

There is a way to do 20 bolts at a time for Enchant Crossbow Bolt. First enchant the first stack of 10 bolts. Then you select to make 10 stacks. After selecting 10 stacks, just click the Enchant Crossbow Bolt icon again. Then click on the bolts your enchanting once and then it will show you doing 2 stacks instead of the 1. It will show double exp but your just enchanting 20 bolts. Then keep going. If done right, you should be able to enchant 200 bolts instead of the 100. Once you only make 1 stack again, just select the 10 stacks again and repeat the process. This can affect gp per hour depending on the bolts as well as the exp per hour.

Glass orbs can also be enchanted, although these spells are referred to in the spellbook as "charge" spells. To do this a player must take the orb to the elemental obelisk related to the spell they wish to cast, and cast the spell on the obelisk, rather than the orb. Charged orbs are used on Battlestaves, using the Crafting skill, to make elemental battlestaffs.

There is currently no way to unenchant an object after it has been enchanted.

Enchantment spells are as follows:

IconSpellMagic-iconAvailabilityRunes RequiredXP Counter iconSpell scroll Enchants "from" → "into"; and other notes.
Enchant Crossbow Bolt iconEnchant Crossbow Bolt4P2P icon
9 to 97
4 to 87
Enchants any type of gem-tipped bolts into bolts that have special effects.
See Enchant Crossbow Bolt article for more info.
Lvl-1 Enchant iconEnchant Level 1 Jewellery7 F2P icon
1Cosmic rune1Water rune17.5 Enchants both sapphire and opal jewellery.

Sapphire/Opal rings → Recoil or Metamorphosis

Sapphire/Opal necklaces → Games or Featherfingered
Sapphire/Opal bracelets → Clay or Headhunter's
Sapphire/Opal amulets → Magic or Bountiful harvest

Lvl-2 Enchant iconEnchant Level 2 Jewellery27 F2P icon
1Cosmic rune3Air rune37 Enchants both emerald and jade jewellery.

Emerald/Jade rings → Duelling or Respawn

Emerald/Jade necklaces → Binding or Traveller's
Emerald/Jade bracelets → Castlewars or Flamtaer
Emerald/Jade amulets → Defence/Nature or Botanist's

Lvl-3 Enchant iconEnchant Level 3 Jewellery49 F2P icon
1Cosmic rune5Fire rune59 Enchants both ruby and topaz jewellery.

Ruby/Topaz rings → Forging or Columbarium

Ruby/Topaz necklaces → Digsite pendant or Gluttony
Ruby/Topaz bracelets → Inoculation or Headhunter's
Ruby/Topaz amulets → Strength or Enlightened

Charge Water Orb iconCharge Water Orb56 P2P icon
3Cosmic rune30Water rune1Unpowered orb56Glass orbWater orb
Must be cast on Obelisk of Water deep in the Taverley Dungeon.
Lvl-4 Enchant iconEnchant Level 4 Jewellery57 F2P icon
1Cosmic rune10Earth rune67RingsLife


Charge Earth Orb iconCharge Earth Orb60 P2P icon
3Cosmic rune30Earth rune1Unpowered orb70Glass orbEarth orb
Must be cast on the Earth Obelisk in Edgeville Dungeon.
Charge Fire Orb iconCharge Fire Orb63 P2P icon
3Cosmic rune30Fire rune1Unpowered orb73Glass orbFire orb
Must be cast on Obelisk of Fire deep in the Taverley Dungeon.
Charge Air Orb iconCharge Air Orb66 P2P icon
3Cosmic rune30Air rune1Unpowered orb76Glass orbAir orb
Must be cast on Obelisk of Air in Edgeville Dungeon.
Lvl-5 Enchant iconEnchant Level 5 Jewellery68 P2P icon
1Cosmic rune15Earth rune15Water rune78 RingsWealth


Lvl-6 Enchant iconEnchant Level 6 Jewellery87 P2P icon
1Cosmic rune20Fire rune20Earth rune97RingsFortune


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