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Energy rift
Energy rift
Release date 20 August 2013 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Location Varies
Examine The crater shows damage to Gielinor. Memories can be donated here to repair it in exchange for Divination experience or divine energy.
The structure of this cavern seems to funnel anima from the surface into this energy rift.

Something strange is happening to this rift! It can still be used to convert memories, but you feel a strange power calling you inside... (when a Guthixian cache is active)

Wisp Colonies map

Energy rifts are rips in the integrity of the earth of Gielinor. They play a vital part of training the Divination skill. At an energy rift, a player may deposit various memories from harvesting the different kinds of wisps and springs, in exchange for divination experience. There is an energy rift present at every wisp colony. There is also a rift in the starting room of every dungeon in Daemonheim. According to their examine, depositing energy and memories will help restore the damage done to Gielinor. An energy rift is also found in the Elder Halls on Freneskae.

Players have three different choices on what to deposit into the energy rift: To transmute memories into varying amounts of energies, to convert the memories into divination experience, and to convert memories along with some energies of the same type for increased experience. Depositing only memories is the choice done for general training while still keeping energy for making special objects, but depositing memories along with energy is the method of choice for those who want optimal experience without other items or for those who don't care for items or profit.

If the player has chosen to convert both energy and memories into experience, and their energy runs out, the rift would continue to convert memories into experience without warning. When converting both into experience, enriched memories will be prioritised. When converting memories only, normal memories will be prioritised. Different tiers of memories can be converted in the same energy rift. The normal memories will be converted to experience by order in the inventory regardless of tier, although enriched memories follow the rules above.


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Level Wisp type Map Location Experience (Enriched)
Harvest[1] Convert Memory Convert with Energy
1 Pale energy 1 Pale
Pale wisp location West of Lumbridge crater, near the Divination camp.

Best Travel Option(s): Use an amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor Village or use a faction token, from The Battle of Lumbridge, to teleport to your respective camp.

1 3 3.7
10 Flickering energy 1 Flickering
Flickering wisp location North of Falador, near the Guthix memorial site.

Best Travel Option: Use the Falador Lodestone and head east.

2 (4) 4 (8)
4.4 (8.8)
5 (10)
5.5 (11)
20 Bright energy 1 Bright
Bright wisp location Between Varrock and the Digsite.

Best Travel Option: Use the Digsite pendant.

3 (6) 5 (10)
5.5 (11)
6.2 (12.4)
6.82 (13.64)
30 Glowing energy 1 Glowing
Glowing wisp location South-east of Seers' Village; just south of the flax field.

Best Travel Option: Use the Seers' Village Lodestone and then travel south-east, or travel north from fairy ring code BLR.

4 (8) 7 (14)
7.7 (15.4)
8.7 (17.4)
9.57 (19.14)
40 Sparkling energy 1 Sparkling
Sparkling wisp location South-east of Rellekka, near the Golden apple tree.

Best Travel Option: Ring of slaying to teleport to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon or use the fairy ring code AJR, then run south.

5 (10) 12 (24)
13.2 (26.4)
15 (30)
16.5 (33)
50 Gleaming energy 1 Gleaming
Gleaming wisp location In the centre of the Karamja jungle, north-east of Shilo Village.

Best Travel Option: Getting to the Nature Altar using either Nature tabs or the Wicked hood. You may use a Lodestone to teleport to Karamja and travel south east. Also, the spirit graahk can be used for quick travel.

6 (12) 19 (38)
20.9 (41.8)
23.7 (47.4)
26.07 (52.14)
60 Vibrant energy 1 Vibrant
Vibrant wisp location North of Mobilising Armies.

Best Travel Option: Use ring of duelling to arrive there, a spirit tree or the Mobilising Armies teleport.

7 (14) 25 (50)
27.5 (55)
31.25 (62.5)
34.375 (68.75)
70 Lustrous energy 1 Lustrous
Lustrous wisp location North of Canifis, just to the east of the Slayer Tower.

Best Travel Option: Use a Ring of slaying to teleport in front of the Slayer Tower and head east. Alternatives are the Mask of the Abyss/Helm of Warping which has the option to teleport to Markus. You may use a lodestone to go to Canifis and travel north-west.

8 (16) 32 (64)
35.2 (70.4)
40 (80)
44 (88)
75 Elder energy 1 Elder
In the Elder Halls on Freneskae.

Best Travel Option: Use the Sixth-Age circuit to teleport to the World Gate, or use the Eagles' Peak lodestone and run south.

8.5 (17) 33.5 (67)
36.8 (73.6)
41.8 (83.6)
45.9 (91.8)
80 Brilliant energy 1 Brilliant
Brilliant wisp location East of the Mage Training Arena.

Best Travel Option: Use the fairy ring code BIP, then run south

9 (18) 35 (70)
38.5 (77)
43.7 (87.4)
48.07 (96.14)
85 Radiant energy 1 Radiant
Radiant wisp location On Dragontooth Island.

Best Travel Option: Use Ectophial, then travel with the ghost captain for free. Or teleport to the Dragontooth celestial dragon dungeon using the Dungeoneering cape perk.

10 (20) 38 (76)
41.8 (83.6)
47.5 (95)
52.25 (104.5)
90 Luminous energy 1 Luminous
Luminous wisp location South of Sophanem.

Best Travel Option: Teleport to Jalsavrah in Sophanem with the Pharaoh's sceptre or Sceptre of the gods and run the rest of the way.

Note: Bring waterskins with Humidify runes or an Enchanted water tiara. Wearing desert clothing will help as well. The Tome of frost is also a feasible option as you take minimal damage to be at risk. Wielding Tome of frost and Regen bracelet is a very cost effective method (desert clothing is optional).

11 (22) 42 (84)
46.2 (92.4)
52.5 (105)
57.75 (115.5)
95 Incandescent energy 1 Incandescent
Incandescent wisp location South of the Poison Waste.

Best Travel Option: Use the spirit tree to the Poison Waste, then run south and use the grapple option, then run west.

Alternative: Use the fairy ring code BKP, to get to the south of Castle Wars, then run past the bridge on the west.

12 (24) 45 (90)
49.5 (99)
56.2 (112.4)
61.82 (123.64)
  1. ^ Each time a player harvests a wisp they may gain energy or energy and a memory; harvest xp is earned even if the player collects no memory.

Guthixian Cache

Main article: Guthixian Cache

Every hour, an announcement will appear saying that a Guthixian Cache has opened. Energy rifts (excluding the Energy rift near the Pale wisp colony) for the next 10 minutes will have a new temporary option when right-clicked displaying "Enter cache", as well as the rift changing colour. Entering the cache will begin the Guthixian Cache Distraction and Diversion.

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