Jagex moderator crown detail

Engine Development Team is a team of Jagex employees who work on the engine of both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape.


This is not a definitive list of all engine developers, rather those that are notable.
Picture Name Nationality Role
Ian Gower Ian Gower British Engine Developer
N/A Mod Atlas N/A Principal Engine Developer
N/A Mod Dark N/A NXT Programmer
N/A Mod Dylan British Content Developer
Mod Flaym Mod Flaym N/A Technical QA Engineer
Mod Giragast Mod Giragast British Senior Game Engine Developer
N/A Mod Jenesis N/A Senior Game Engine Developer
N/A Mod Lordgit N/A Lead Client and Graphics Programmer
Mod Pi Mod Pi British Senior Gameplay Programmer
Mod Vegard Mod Vegard N/A Game Engine Developer
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