Enhanced grappling hook detail

The enhanced grappling hook is an item that players are able to add to their tool belt to aid in crossing shortcuts.

It can be created by combining a mithril crossbow, mithril grapple, and 5 mithril bars, this requires level 54 fletching. (all of which can be bought on the Grand Exchange for a total of 13,072).

To combine the items, players should use the grapple on the crossbow. No anvil is required to craft this item.

Grapple locations

Location Required levels Hidey-hole available?
Ranged Agility Strength
Scale Falador Wall 19 11 37 Yes check
Scale Yanille Wall 21 39 38 Yes check
Scale Catherby Cliff (from Catherby to Taverley, one-way) 35 32 35 Yes check
Cross River Lum from Lumbridge Swamps to Al Kharid, or vice versa 37 8 19 Yes check
Escape from Water Obelisk Island (from the Island to Catherby, one-way) 39 36 22 Yes check
Cross from Musa Point to Harpie Bug Swarms (or vice versa) on Karamja 42 53 21 Yes check
Bandos Agility Course 60 60 60 X mark
Dorgesh-Kaan agility course 80 80 80 X mark
Cross to and from south of Castle Wars and the Spirit Tree in the Poison Wastes 47 45 43 X mark
Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing 90 90 90 Yes check
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