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Enigmatic hoardstalker chathead

The Enigmatic hoardstalker is a member of the Gorajo tribe found in Dungeoneering. He gives the player a riddle and the player must present an item to him to complete it. If you give it the wrong item, you will receive some damage. Give it the right item and the doors will unlock. Every item used to answer the riddles can be found in the same room: either on the floor, on the table, in the chest, or in the barrel. The items in the room all have (o) in the name and have a destroy option. You must have a certain Summoning level to understand him, although you can still complete the challenge by random guessing.

Known riddles

Enigmatic Hoardstalker label

Riddle Item Name Picture Location
Without me, a deathslinger is merely a gorajo with a stick. Bowstring (o) Bowstring (o) 1
Though I am light, I can not illuminate the dark. Feather (o) Feather (o) 1
The blunt force I provide is surprisingly constructive. Hammer (o), Thok's fists Hammer (o) 1
Completed I can make you dead, but currently I have no head. Headless arrow (o) Headless arrow (o) 1
From your veins I flow, from essence did I grow. Blood rune (o) Blood rune (o) 2
I can get you almost anything you want, but with noone[sic] to accept me, I am worthless. Coins (o) Coins (o) 2
I pluck the denizens of the sea, to serve a salty sailor's tea. Fishing rod (o) Fishing rod (o) 2
I am cursed with but one eye and from Haystacks I will spy. Needle (o) Needle (o) 2
I demonstrate faith in a dark god. Unholy symbol (o) Unholy symbol (o) 2
Born through fire, I am lost in winds and muddied in water. Ashes (o) Ashes (o) 3
Sticks and stones may break me, exercise may ache me. Bones (o) Bones (o) 3
Though my friends fly high, I was always destined to protect. Novite kiteshield (o) Novite kiteshield (o) 3
Remove my yellow skin, and dine on me within. Banana (o) Banana (o) 4
I am water that brings fire to your heart. Firebreath whiskey (o) Firebreath whiskey (o) 4
While many call me mould, some call me savoury. Gissel mushroom (o) Gissel mushroom (o) 4
Without me you cannot survive / would perish, but fill a room with me and you would surely die. Vial of water (o) Vial of water (o) 4
The slowest of assassins, I'm at home on your blade or in your drink. Weapon poison (o) Weapon poison (o) 4
A serpent am I, yet on land I would die. Cave eel (o) Cave eel (o) 4

If you get the dialogue ""Nahlkihd, yetsan danelei. Anahnedzin dzeel." it means you don't have the summoning level required or you need to restore it at a summoning altar.

  • 1: On the tables in the apart room, near the chest.
  • 2: In the chest in the apart room, near the tables.
  • 3: On the ground in the apart room, without anything else in it.
  • 4: In the food barrel in the apart room, near the farming patch and cooking range.



  • A player in a F2P world can receive this as a room and be required to have member skills as well as be on a member server to complete the room.
  • It is not required to use the (o) item to solve the puzzle. For example, if the answer to the puzzle is blood rune (o) you may use a real blood rune instead.

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