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The Enraged barbarian spirit is a level 106 spirit that can be found in the Ancient Caverns. They are along with many other high-levelled monsters, including Mithril dragons and waterfiends. They are capable of large amounts of damage, with 304 being their highest hit, but they have low accuracy. Protect from melee can be used to reduce melee damage by 50%.

These monsters are NOT considered to be undead, so a salve amulet or salve amulet (e) will not help at all.


Armour and weapons

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Steel hastaSteel hasta1Uncommon328
Iron kiteshieldIron kiteshield1Common2,395
Iron plateskirtIron plateskirt1Common989
Adamant battleaxeAdamant battleaxe1Uncommon5,541
Adamant maceAdamant mace1Uncommon2,758
Mithril maceMithril mace1Uncommon1,504
Mithril sq shieldMithril sq shield1Uncommon2,669
Steel kiteshieldSteel kiteshield1Uncommon1,834
Steel full helmSteel full helm1Uncommon1,065
Steel longswordSteel longsword1Uncommon1,593
Steel maceSteel mace1Uncommon993
Steel scimitarSteel scimitar1Uncommon1,464
Yew shortbowYew shortbow1Uncommon814
Rune scimitarRune scimitar1Rare14,957
Off-hand steel longswordOff-hand steel longsword1Unknown1,233
Mithril helmMithril helm1Unknown1,507

Runes and ammo

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Silver bolts 5Silver bolts5Common190
Steel arrow 5Steel arrow20Common280
Adamant arrow 5Adamant arrow5Uncommon250
Death runeDeath rune5Uncommon565
Blood runeBlood rune3; 5; 10Uncommon2,181–7,270
Mithril grappleMithril grapple2Uncommon4,320
Steel dartSteel dart10Uncommon200
Steel knifeSteel knife10Uncommon1,140
Runite bolts 5Runite bolts10Rare1,780

Bars and ores

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Gold barGold bar1Uncommon761
Silver barSilver bar(noted)Uncommon609
Steel barSteel bar(noted)Uncommon2,652
Gold oreGold ore1Uncommon289

Herbs and potions

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Strength mix (2)Strength mix (2)1Common87
Prayer mix (2)Prayer mix (2)1Uncommon1,261
Grimy tarrominGrimy tarromin1Uncommon37
Grimy marrentillGrimy marrentill1Unknown462
Grimy dwarf weedGrimy dwarf weed1Unknown3,511


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Coins 250Coins106; 142; 323Common106–323
Yew logsYew logs1Uncommon156
Ancient page BAncient page1UncommonNot sold
Sapphire ringSapphire ring1Uncommon1,180
Sealed clue scroll (medium)Sealed clue scroll (medium)1RareNot sold

Rare drop table drops

This monster has access to the rare drop table.
Luck-enhancing items such as a ring of wealth or luck of the dwarves are not required to access the table.
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Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Coins 250Coins250–500Common250–500
Uncut sapphireUncut sapphire1Common321
Uncut emeraldUncut emerald1Common738
Uncut rubyUncut ruby1Common1,037
Uncut diamondUncut diamond1Common2,356
Uncut diamondUncut diamond45–55 (noted)Rare106,020–129,580
Loop half of a keyLoop half of a key1Common12,440
Tooth half of a keyTooth half of a key1Common13,334
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone1Uncommon10,944
Uncut dragonstoneUncut dragonstone45–55 (noted)Rare492,480–601,920
Dragon longswordDragon longsword1Common57,996
Dragon spearDragon spear1Rare36,029
BattlestaffBattlestaff180–220 (noted)Rare914,220–1,117,380
Rune javelinRune javelin5Rare915
Rune platebodyRune platebody1Uncommon37,480
Rune platebodyRune platebody15–25 (noted)Rare562,200–937,000
Shield left halfShield left half1Rare64,915
Dragon helmDragon helm1Uncommon58,998
Rune arrowheads 5Rune arrowheads113–137Common17,289–20,961
Onyx bolts 5Onyx bolts135–165Very rare1,069,875–1,307,625
Chaos talismanChaos talisman1Rare1,029
Nature talismanNature talisman1Rare932
Water talismanWater talisman65–82 (noted)Rare349,115–440,422
Earth talismanEarth talisman65–82 (noted)Rare59,540–75,112
Fire talismanFire talisman25–35 (noted)Rare23,475–32,865
Raw lobsterRaw lobster135–165 (noted)Common26,055–31,845
Raw sharkRaw shark225–275 (noted)Uncommon195,075–238,425
Big bonesBig bones68–82 (noted)Uncommon12,036–14,514
Dragon bonesDragon bones180–220 (noted)Rare356,940–436,260
CoalCoal200–1,100 (noted)Uncommon16,400–90,200
Gold oreGold ore90–110 (noted)Common26,010–31,790
Adamantite oreAdamantite ore180–220 (noted)Uncommon43,200–52,800
Adamant barAdamant bar14–16 (noted)Common23,912–27,328
Adamant barAdamant bar135–165 (noted)Rare230,580–281,820
Runite oreRunite ore90–110 (noted)Rare112,860–137,940
Rune barRune bar(noted)Common7,569
Rune barRune bar45–55 (noted)Rare113,535–138,765
Grimy torstolGrimy torstol90–110 (noted)Uncommon349,380–427,020
Grimy snapdragonGrimy snapdragon90–110 (noted)Uncommon133,560–163,240
Super restore (4)Super restore (4)45–55 (noted)Uncommon144,270–176,330
Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)45–55 (noted)Uncommon117,405–143,495
Lantadyme seed 5Lantadyme seed14–16Uncommon6,594–7,536
Dwarf weed seed 5Dwarf weed seed14–16Uncommon5,054–5,776
Magic seed 5Magic seed4Uncommon127,548
Palm tree seed 5Palm tree seed10Rare334,730
FlaxFlax450–550 (noted)Common27,000–33,000
Molten glassMolten glass45–55 (noted)Common9,585–11,715
Soft claySoft clay450–550 (noted)Uncommon274,500–335,500
Yew logsYew logs68–82 (noted)Uncommon10,608–12,792
Yew logsYew logs675–825 (noted)Rare105,300–128,700
Teak plankTeak plank45–55 (noted)Uncommon18,495–22,605
Mahogany plankMahogany plank270–330 (noted)Rare214,110–261,690
Blurberry SpecialBlurberry Special1Uncommon8,444
Vecna skullVecna skull1Very rare*202,521
Hazelmere's signet ringHazelmere's signet ring1Very rare*1,943,904,852
Brawling gloves (Melee)Brawling gloves (Melee)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Magic)Brawling gloves (Magic)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Ranged)Brawling gloves (Ranged)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Agility)Brawling gloves (Agility)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Cooking)Brawling gloves (Cooking)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (FM)Brawling gloves (FM)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Fishing)Brawling gloves (Fishing)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Hunter)Brawling gloves (Hunter)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Mining)Brawling gloves (Mining)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Prayer)Brawling gloves (Prayer)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Smithing)Brawling gloves (Smithing)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (Thieving)Brawling gloves (Thieving)1Very rareNot sold
Brawling gloves (WC)Brawling gloves (WC)1Very rareNot sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 1Crystal triskelion fragment 11Very rareNot sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 2Crystal triskelion fragment 21Very rareNot sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 3Crystal triskelion fragment 31Very rareNot sold

Universal drops

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Key tokenKey token1RareNot sold
Mimic kill tokenMimic kill token1Very rare14,493