Enriched elder wisp
Enriched elder wisp
Release date 6 May 2014 (Update)
Level 75
17 (34)
Energy Elder energy (421 coins)
Memory Enriched elder memory
Location Elder Halls
An enriched spring of elder energy, giving greater reward for harvesting.
Freneskae map

An Enriched elder wisp is a wisp harvested in the Divination skill that spawns every 20 minutes with some variability due to server lag. Up to two will spawn thirty seconds after the minute on the hour, 20 minutes past, and 40 minutes past the hour. These times are synchronised across every world.

They spawn at the entrances to the corridors around the main chamber of the Elder Halls. Upon being harvested, it will transform into an enriched elder spring from which enriched elder memories and elder energy may be gathered. It is advised to have one normal elder memory available when clicking on this wisp, so the enriched spring can absorb it and prolong the duration of the spring.

They despawn two minutes later if no one has started harvesting them. Hopping worlds can gain an extra enriched wisp but at :22, :42 and :02.

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