Enriched flickering wisp
Enriched flickering wisp
Release date 20 August 2013 (Update)
Level 10
4 (8)
Energy Flickering energy (208 coins)
Memory Enriched flickering memory
Location North of Falador
A tier 2 wisp/spring of energy, harvestable by those with Divination level 10 or above. Enriched wisps always give enriched memories.
Flickering wisp location
Enriched flickering spring

An enriched flickering wisp is a special tier 2 wisp harvested with the Divination skill. It spawns every 20 minutes: thirty seconds after the hour, 20 minutes past, and 40 minutes past the hour. These times are synchronised across every world.

Upon being harvested from, it will transform into an enriched flickering spring, providing enriched flickering memories and flickering energy. Having a normal flickering memory available when clicking on this wisp can cause the enriched spring to absorb it to prolong the duration of the spring.

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