The equipment separator is a device available at level 115 Invention. It can be used on augmented items of equipment level 15 and above to remove the gizmos from the item without destroying either the gizmos or items, destroying the separator in the process. If the item in question has a level of 17 or 19, there is a 25% and 50% chance respectively for the separator to be saved.

Using a separator removes all gizmos from the item - unlike a gizmo dissolver, which targets just one and does not return the gizmo.


Equipment separator.png Equipment separator
Invention-Make-X GE icon.png
9,000 XP--
Invention Invention level115
Blueprint (Invention).png Research: Equipment separator
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes
Clear parts.pngClear parts400N/A-
Ethereal components.pngEthereal components35N/A-
Precious components.pngPrecious components35N/A-
Protective components.pngProtective components35N/A-
Undead components.pngUndead components2N/A-

Price estimation

With junk reduction 9, here are some estimated prices - see calculators for more options:

Total cost of a separator: 5,494,298

Thus you should use a separator if making a new gizmo with the same perk would cost more than this. Otherwise, using a gizmo dissolver and re-making the perk would be better.

Some common high-value gizmos which warrant using a separator include:

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